15 Jan 2007

The Decision!

“England and America are two countries separated by the Atlantic Ocean” —Eddie Izzard.

Well after a serious in depth debate the overwhelming response was that the above article is a Fanny Pack!

But if you are British it could be only be called a Bum Bag because the word fanny has a different meaning over here! So if you are travelling this way don't say fanny pack (hopefully you wont have one anyway! but just in case!).

'The fanny pack(US) or bum bag (UK, Australia)is a small fabric pouch - which comes in many shapes, sizes and colours - secured with a zipper and worn at the waist by a strap around the hips. Often used by travelers and was more popular during the 1990s. It can be slung either forward, side or to the rear of the wearer and is often considered as utility over fashion.'

The idea for this post came from here:The British/American Dictionary which is a great website full of some funny stuff!


  1. I just looked up the british meaning of fanny. No wonder they are laughing.

  2. Too true, although bum bag is not good either!

  3. So, what IS the English meaning of fanny?

    Another Rose

  4. I once made the mistake of commenting to a young lady from Australia who had requested a very sexy siggy (signature graphic) that I could make one in which her fanny would quiver. That's how I learned the difference. {blush}

  5. The important debate has finally been covered - fabulous!
    And its a fact bumb bag or fanny pack - it is not an acceptable accessory in polite society.
    Congrats on the three month birthday - super fab blog!

    Suze x

  6. I hate reading your blog I have to go look up another word!

    If this goes on long enough I may become bi-lingual: English and American. LOL!

  7. Well another rose, the meaning of fanny in the UK is uh hem, your lady bits! there i have said it in the politest way i know!

    Congratulations Erika you can have your fanny pack!

    Whoops Tomcat!

    Cheers Suzy hope to see you about soon!

    Gene i hope you dont get caught looking up that word!lol