15 Jan 2007

Happy 900th Visitor!

Happy 900th visitor! You win Sexy Man Apron! if you don't want it i will happily keep it!
(please note this is a fictional prize! but the thought was there!)

Whats happened to me today? Well took mum to the dentist and she has to have a crown out, but me i have perfect teeth!
Here's a picture:

Lol, there not really mine! they are hyena teeth apparently.
So do you have good teeth? look at the image below; what are teeth most like?

Next Counselling Lesson tomo, so my head will be full of more wonderful insights!

Toodle Pip!


  1. you mean the ones i have now that sleep in a cup or my original ones???


  2. I reckon you got all those visits by mentioning the words Bum and Fanny....may have to try that...LOL
    Like the apron; I bought one of the girls an ironing board cover with a guy's photo on it with just a towel over him. The towel disappears when you iron...great fun..takes the boredom out of ironing
    best wishes
    Countess Dracula

  3. Dangit.. I didn't win the man! Oh.. it was a man apron. Nevermind..

  4. Congrats Claire! Our blogs started one day apart. You'll hit 1,000 in no time.

  5. Did someone say linkbait?

    Where's the blogatrix? Someone has been littering my blog with comments....

  6. Hello!
    Either will do empress!

    who would of thought bum and funny would provoke such a reaction! as if i would do it just to get hits, Ruth!

    You can have the man if you like skittles, hes a personal friend of mine!

    Cheers Tomcat!

    Chris i only commented where i had a valid point to make!lol!

  7. Keep meaning to ask....any idea when will there be more Tuckersville?

  8. I have asked Gene but no answer on that one! I may have to email him directly.