24 Jan 2007

The Garden Challenge

Hello, on Ruth's Blog i found out about the Great Pip Challenge,
Click here if you love Gardens Ruth
The Pip Challenge!
But i am afraid this was too much for me to do! so i have decided to do the Kitchen Herb Challenge!

But i cant remember whats in the little pots! so i will have to wait and see! I will update you with my progress!


  1. Um, next time label your pots, dearie!!!
    But you should have success with the herbs if you keep them in good sun, and re-pot them when they get too big for the mini pots (which dry out way too quickly, in my opinion, for starting seeds) -- because herb seedlings, if you let them dry out once, ka-put. Best of luck with this fun project!

  2. Thanks for the wise words Morgen!!! it will be a case of watching and waiting now.
    Will keep you updated!

    Cheers Odat, lets see if i can grow anything!!!!!

  3. Hiya Claire. Holler if you need advice on how to kill plants. I'm an expert. :-(

  4. Gonna link you also under the Great Pip challenge in my side bar even though you're now doing herbs...only me and Libby doing it we think so need your input!