24 Jan 2007

Happy 1400th Visitor!

Happy 1400th Visitor! The winner is Erika!!!!! Click on this photo she did of herself(apparently she was bored) and visit her blog! She is in the process of working out and getting fit, so her virtual prize is some Brand New Walking boots!
Also just thought i would say there is no need to congratulate me, i am doing these little posts to say a big Thank You for those that come to visit me! But comments are always welcome! Suggestions for future posts?
Oh to find the answer to Wordless Wednesday go to the comment box and then go hunting for it!!!!
Answer please in comments!!!! Hope you enjoy the hunt.


  1. Hurrah I have now managed to get into 2 blogs this evening....some problem with google/blogger...took ages to get into this comment box; the others wouldn't load at all; so this covers all the back posts
    Wordless Wed; nice photo, somewhere to sit and a high tablet to lean on or stand your beer on while you're taking photos
    Herbs; great idea good luck with them
    um....your blog has now disappeared though comment box still here.....was it 1400th visitor next?.....glad I didn't get that prize......don't get much chance to hike and Mick prefers me in stilettos...hee..hee

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's almost impossible to say NO to Mrs. Bee... LOL

    Happy WW.

  3. Claire... (*foot tapping*) I was looking at the comments tonight on Skittles' blog.... (*foot still tapping*). I believe the response you would recognize (trying to be culturally sensitive here and all) is "We are not amused."

    That's correct isn't it?

    (Even if I did laugh when I saw it... but I won't admit that to you....)

  4. AWESOME! thanks for the boot (only one?) lol.

    Also thanks for the link! :-D

  5. you are growing by leaps and bounds, seems like just a couple of days ago i hit your #1000

  6. Hello, there! Thanks for your visit today. I really like your make me smile!
    My daughter went to London mid-November and had a wonderful time! She had been before but it was with her son's soccer group and she didn't have much time for sight-seeing. They stayed in Dover and she froze most of the time. Her London trip was most pleasant - except they stayed at the same hotel as the former Russian spy (Litven-something or other)and had to be checked out when they got home. But all was well...

  7. Hello Ruth! i love the multi comment!!!!!!

    Hey dixie chick thanks for the return visit, will be back to visit yours soon.

    Hey curmy!! Thanks for the visit. I am still amused! Are We still not amused?

    Your welcome Erika! i will send the boot now!lol!

    Hey Sarge its mostly due to your beloved wife!!!!

    Hello A'Gracie, Thanks for the return visit, glad my blog made you smile. Oh my god!!!! to the daughter being in Russian spy hotel!

  8. I am almost certain I'll recover....