18 Jan 2007

Happy 1100th! Visitor!

Just because i have reached the lofty heights of over a 1000 visitors!!!!!! (woo hoo!)
It doesn't mean i dont want more!
But its quality not quantity that matters, I really appreciate those that visit me and comment.
So who was the lucky winner of these imaginary chocolates?
It was Skittles! so heres a lovely box of imaginary chocolate (Diabetic of course!)


  1. Congrats!!

    You have quite a few visitors stopping much for thinking I'm special!! LOL

  2. Congrats on the visitor milestone and thanks for stopping by my little corner in the world. I like the site.

    I'll be back:-)

  3. Really pleased that Skittles won (she has a great blog) and not one of your lurkers.

  4. Of course you are special counselor!! i need your expertise!!

    Well erika a prize could be yours if you keep coming back!

    Cheers debo blue, glad you like it!

    Me too Ruth!

    lurkers dont bother me so much as long as they enjoy my blog!! not just click away once they get here!! i see you!!!!!

  5. Shucks, I wanted to be 1100 also, should have just lurked around and jump in just at the right time, drats, must have been watching the telley.......................

  6. Congrats again Claire. Your January stats have been amazing.

  7. Better luck next time Sarge!

    Yes tomcat they have! I am afraid to day it, but i have become a comment ho!lol! no i think its doing the Wordless wednesday and Thursday Thirteen stuff.

  8. Lovely you are...and young! Life treats some in a constant flow of normalcy and great ease!

    As for "look" of blog...try too keep consistant colours that blend well together both in text and post headings. Play around with different templets. Congratulations to all your visitors. They have all seen a piece of you!

    As for the "doubly difficult"...UK is a bit mad and conservative and you never which you will run into!

  9. Thankyou egc...
    What a great start to a comment.
    Thanks for the input, i am slowly building up my computer knowledge and then will move onto my own website (hopefully!)
    UK is a bit mad indeed, not so much conservative 'Up North' where i am from. Does that mean that the US is less mad?

    Claire xx