18 Jan 2007


Today it was very very Windy!!!!!!! I went out to lunch with my mate Vicky ( i had a jacket spud with chicken and pesto mayonnaise, yum).
Then we set off home, it should of taken fifteen minutes instead took six hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was because of lorries over turning and trees on the road.
Unfortunately people died today because the weather was so bad, so my thoughts go out to them.


  1. I feel so sorry for the families of those poor people. I know your journey took ages but I glad you're safe and sound.

  2. wow! so THAT'S where you were! i am very glad you are safe. when you are out in the storm my sitemeter drops. ha ha.... smiles, bee

  3. Hey Ruth its a terrible thing, i guess we have to get use to this scary weather!

    I know bee, i missed you! so i struggled through the storm to get back to you. But bloody blogger keeps going mad!

  4. the weather has been absolutely crazy here in atlanta,ga. One week it's 70 degrees...the next week 30 degrees. Guess what kinda week I'm having!!!

    *rubbing my hands over the stovetop*

  5. So glad yo made it home safely :) *hugs*

  6. I'm glad to hear that you made it home safetly.

  7. That sounds bad, I am glad you got home safely.

  8. It's a bit blowy here in Nottingham too.

  9. Hey counselor, get some thick tights on!

    Thankyou skittles, it was a bit scary!

    Thanks rose!

    Hey vic, it was bad! but i was safe in the pub having kunch during the worst of it.

    Hey pinksy, its calmed down a lot today hasn't it.

  10. Weirdly the weather up here in NE Scotland is calm, with blue skies & sunshine. I think we may end up with a few feet of the cold white stuff soon ;-)

    Take care outside Claire! (And anyone else in the grim south)

  11. Even in Portland the weather is strange. There is still snow on the ground after three days. That hasn't happened here since the 1990s. I'm glad you made it home safely.

    What's a 'jacket spud'?

  12. Hey Chris lucky you! i want snow!
    I am trying to avoid going out, i get told off by certain people!
    Grim North of England, but yes South of Scotland!

    Hey tomcat, i think we are all set for weird weather these days!
    A jacket spud is a Baked Potato!

  13. Dang!! When are you folks going to learn English!??! ;-)

  14. dont get me started on erbs tomcat!