20 Jan 2007

Happy 1200th! Visitor!

Happy 1200th visitors! I Will start with the usual thank yous to my repeat offenders, loyal lurkers(this is a new title, i do appreciate you though!) and Newbies(repeat offenders in waiting!)
So who does the prize go to this time?
Drum roll please................................

Empress Bee !

The prize is the beautiful red crown, to be worn at your next red hat event!

Whoops i forgot this was meant to be my version of the sticky post!
By that i mean as well as thanking my lovely readers i will give you heads up on upcoming posts and whats been happening here.

Well today the radiator broke in the living room and flooded the carpet! so the water to the rest of the house has been turned off by my dad. So i am cold, need a drink of water and have bad breath because i couldn't brush my teeth! He is planning to take the radiator off and then turn water back on, but my dad gets very very stressed in these situations so i am hiding upstairs!
Tomorrow i go hiking, aiming for another 10-12 miles but this time its going to be a steeper climb, so i am not looking forward to that bit! On the plus side i am not in the house when dad goes to phase two of radiator mission!
I will be posting my first hike of the year soon, as well as tomorrows one when i get the photos off my Friends camera, so that should be a good post.
Also to come in the future, more counselling homework and British/American misunderstandings!

Toodle Pip


  1. well well, me again??? (smiles all over the place)

    now i know i can't thank the midgets again, sigh... or my sister that i don't have, sigh, or my friends that i have none, sigh....

    who to thank? who to thank? ME! i think i visited 1198 times so i deserve it!!! smiles, and thanks.....bee

  2. Of course you deserve it! I am sure the midgets wouldnt mind getting thanked again!

  3. ha -- this is great!
    I can so see Bee in a purple dress, red crown and sceptre!
    great post!

  4. Me too Morgen, she was made for royalty.

  5. Lovely dress Empress Bee. Seems like there's a lot of water problems about at the moment. Pop down to ours; the heating is working great now; even got a new toothbrush you could borrow.

  6. oh i am ever so sorry to hear of your woes and i surely hope they are taken care of quickly. hey! if your dad can't get it fixed, want me to call in the midgets? we're on pretty good terms now that i thanked them and all.... bee

  7. Ah thanks Ruth! when i get back from my hike tomo, where am i going to wash if he hasn't fixed it by then!!!!!!!!

    Thanks E'Bee send in the MIDGETS!

  8. Wow!! 1200. Thats great. Well, I'm so new to this blogging thing that I don't if if that really great of not, but I'm sure its good.. I'll have to start keeping better track of my visitors... Lets see.. 759 unique visitors since the firswt of the year for me.. Again, have no idea if that is good or not... LOL

    I'll try to be less of a "lurker"... :]

  9. Hey Ryan Thankyou for commenting again! feel free to lurk. Your stats are great but i think its the quality not the quantity of your visitors that count! compared to skittles stats(30,000 in so many months!) i am a baby blogger! This is blog is as much for me as it is for everyone else and i hope people get something out of reading my blog, even if its just a laugh every now and then!

    Cheers Scribbit!!!!