20 Jan 2007

An ode to Bee!

How about this then Bee? I have been told off by the mighty Empress Bee of the High Sea!
She is sick of my scary Hair!lol!
So for that i will dedicate a whole post to her wonderfulness!
To see more about her check out her awesome blogEmpress Bee

Bee bee you chastised me!
Bee bee fiddle de dee!


  1. i want to thank all the little people. you know, the midgets? what do you mean i can't say midget? (hells bells if a danged midget doesn't know he's a midget i OUGHT to tell him....) then i want to thank my friends (huh? i don't have any? sigh...) i want to thank my sister (i'm an only child?) nuts! just give me the danged award then.... smiles, bee

  2. You crack me up Bee!
    I will post faster in the future!

  3. Ha!
    this is a great Ode to the Empress!


  4. She's a great blogger!
    You did a great tribute.

  5. Hey she sure is awesome!! she cracks me up every day!!!
    Thanks for visit you guys!!!