23 Jan 2007

Happy 1300th Visitor!

Hello! Thank you once again for visiting!!!! Repeat offenders, Lurkers(I still see you!) and Newbies!
When i started this blog i had no idea i would meet such great people, ones that have made me laugh, cry and think deeply! (you know who you are! check side bar if unsure!)
So big thank you for visiting, but for also having great blogs for me to learn from (what a wet lettuce!)

The winner this time is nobody

So what is up and coming?
  • Well i have just posted my two hikes of this year so far! so hopefully there will be lots more of them.
  • Gardening challenge has started, so will finally put up some pictures. No pips something nice and easy! my nephew helped (he is 3).
  • More counselling homework and answers, deep thinking required here!
  • Of course Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen, Friday Feast, Saturday Photo Hunt and Funny Monday!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. *blink* (gasp) i didn't win?? as many times as i came here??? sigh.. alrighty then, i will just have to visit more! now go vote for charlie please! thanks, bee

  2. Walks into the room. Shoves Bee into the cute guy standing in line. (Like she minds) I would like to thank all the little people and the academy..... Err wrong speech! Thank you claire, I do love chinese food. :)

  3. aha! the little people! i knew it was the midgets fault! drat....

  4. *sigh* Why's it gotta be food?


  5. What were you doing blogging at 1:30 am this morning? Get to bed this instant!


    These anniversaries seem to be happening more frequently now, you'll soon be catching Skittles...

  6. *Blink* What? LOL! We love ya Claire :)

  7. Hi there. I love what you are doing here. That includes your little mini competition and of course, your blog! Will definitely drop by more often. And thanks for your comments on mine. Hope you'll become my frequent visitor too!

  8. E'bee no i am afraid you didnt win the prize this time! But you win my love and blog appreciation!

    Rose congratulations you deserved to win!

    Mags ok no more food prizes!!!!

    Chris thats early for me! nowhere near skittles yet! i like my small but excellent community!

    Skittles love ya right back(wet lettuce again!)

    Cheers Serene i am glad you like it! will be over later.

  9. Wow! You are just racking up the visitors aren't ya! Congrats. You have a great site!