22 Jan 2007

Hike Two: Baslow

Hello Hike Two is in Baslow (the Peak District again).
After a long long winding climb we reached this monument(wellingtons monument)
This the view from the monument.
About a mile or so down the path we got to these great views!!! Thats me with the stick!!!!

More peak district info


  1. Lovely pics, but Blogger is sooo slow serving the pics. Windy was it? ;-)

    Been up and around Mam Tor? We did a great walk from Youlgreave as well once, picking up the Nine Stones Close & Nine Ladies stone circles. Lurvley.

  2. fantastic are your feet?

  3. Ermm mam tor? i am not sure about that! have been loads of places with my dad bird watching. Can i speed it up? or is it just blogger?

    You and your circles! you must be part druid!lol!

    My feet are surprisingly fine, just a little blister! but i couldn't walk much today,lol!!

  4. Very nice pics. Looks like it was a lovely walk.

  5. That last picture is AMAZING!

    ... Here is the LAST hike I've done.. that one wore me out... I need to get in shape by doing some small ones so I can do some big ones!

  6. Hubby said he's heard of that area but had never been there. You must be fit doing all that hiking it is just exhausting thinking about it.

  7. Cheers John it was indeed a nice walk, a bit hard going at first but then it was flat and then downhill!

    Cheers Erika, its a n amazing place and only a hour and half away from my house. I am doing the same as you!

    I am working on it vic but not there yet! with all that snow moving you must be quite fit.

  8. Great photos! Looks like a lot of fun. You are making me want to grab my hiking boots and get out there...