27 Jan 2007

Happy 1600th Visitor!

Happy 1600th visitor!

Guess who wins again!
The All Star tag team Wrestling Team that is Sarge and Empress Bee have been competing to win again! This time its.......... Click image to find out!!!!

For new visitors, the purpose of these posts is to update you on whats going on while giving a shout out to my loyal fans (not strictly true because it could be anybody, but luckily for me i get stalked by the above pair!lol!) please feel free to click on site meter if you don't believe me, i cant quite believe its nearly always these two!lol!

Up and coming Posts!
  • Finally some Counselling Homework: I have been very slack.
  • Manic Monday Starts on guess what Monday!Click button on Sidebar to find out more.
  • Update on Garden challenge.
  • And other stuff!


  1. me?? i won??? yea!!!

    now how in the world did you do the click me thingy? sigh.... i'll just never get honey. still trying to put a link in a comment! no luck.

    love the red hat stuff! you should see my closet, it is an explosion of red and purple!

    smiles. bee

  2. Fix! I call fix!


    They're your biggest fans!

  3. Congrats to the winners. I don't have any blog stalkers. lol Well not nice ones any how.

  4. Congrats to Bee & Sarge!!! OoooOoo.. a preview of things to come!!! You know I'll be back :)

  5. I there Claire. Love the hiking pictures. Since there is a Jubilee Bridge, does this mean you don't have to Ferry cross the Mersey?

  6. A well deserved win E'bee!
    I am still trying to figure out how to explain the link in comment thing!
    Glad you like the hat, shoes etc!

    Tis not a fix! check the stats! you really should try harder chris!

    Lol! rose, i am glad that i have the ones that i have!

    Skittles you better be!lol!

    Hey Jamie, thanks. Even with the bridge you can still get a ferry across the mersey!lol!