27 Jan 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt: Silver

This is the Silver Jubilee Bridge near my house, also seen on my sidebar.
Renamed to commemorate the Queens Jubilee.
I was going to put my nipple ring on but i thought that would be too much!

Here are some facts just in case you didn't believe me!
Silver Jubilee Bridge


  1. Glad you chose the bridge lol! My pathetic one is up ;)

  2. I think this is an excellent choice for the week!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. nipple ring??? honey we have to talk. sigh....

    smiles, bee

  4. A good picture for this weeks theme. I bet you'd get more hits if you posted the other pic though lol.

  5. Love the bridge!! Mines up too. Happy weekend.

  6. WHY?????? Oh why?????? Why the bridge??????

    Ha ha.. :)

    Great photo Claire!

  7. Great photo! The Silver Jubilee Bridge is beautiful and fascinating at the same time! You did a really great job! :)

  8. Hey... kinda resembles the Sydney Harbor Bridge too.

  9. Very nice. I really like the style of the bridge. Great photo.

    Mine is up too.

  10. Now I think we are all curious, at least me, why didn't you put both, the beautiful bridge picture AND your nipple ring ?

  11. I'm glad that you chose the bridge. I would not want my kids visiting your blog if you were showing your nipples.

  12. just popped out with "nipple ring"...

    You've got surprises at every turn here!

  13. A wonderful picture, and a very unique bridge design.
    Welcome to the 'hunter bunch'.
    Have a wonderful Saturday.

  14. I just love your silver picture. Glad you chose that one, lol.

    Have a nice weekend,
    Biker Betty :)

  15. What an amazing Bridge. Lovely choice.

  16. That is a really beautiful photo. Great shot!

  17. A beautiful bridge with a beautiful name - and perfect for this week's theme!

  18. Brilliant choice for this week's theme.


  19. Oh you are just teasing! Great looking bridge! And the shot is really nice of it! Great interpretation for the theme!

    My silver is up. Happy Saturday!

  20. That is ONE gorgeous photo. The morning sun [or afternoon] is making the whole world silvery!!!!

    Mine's posted

  21. good post, next time add the ring

  22. Beautiful picture. I love the silver bridge! Great choice for the theme.

    Welcome to the hunt!

  23. Love the bridge.
    The thought of the other made me smile!
    Mine's up at It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

  24. Hey skittles yours is not that bad!lol!

    Thank you Linda a fellow early bird!

    Hey E'Bee talk about what? where you can get yours done?

    Mike lol!

    Thanks for the Visit incog&nito!

    lol Ryan! Cheeky, that made me laugh. A photo compliment off you is indeed praise!

    Thanks Crazy Working mom! i will visit yours soon!

    Thanks for that Pamela, a really nice compliment!

    Hey serene, Yes it is like it, I am glad i didn't confuse this time!

    Thanks Ma, i am so glad i thought of this, otherwise it would of been tin foil!

    Hey Gattina, just in case someone flags me for having a blog of an Adult Nature!lol!

    Rose, i am glad i choose the bridge then!

    Hey Mags! i have keep it interesting!lol!!!

    Thanks eph180 it was a hard one this week!

    Thanks you indeed Biker Betty, surely with that name you have yours done?lol!

    Hey coll thank you indeedy.

    Thanks Pat, happy you visited me.

    Thanks eija! as i said before this theme was a difficult one, so glad i thought of this!

    Cheers Viamarie.

    Thanks Daisy.

    Debbie i would never tease, just haven't got a camera at the minute!lol!

    Hey Patti, the river looks nice but is very very polluted!

    Hey hootin, thank very much!

    Sarge I am shocked!!!lol!

    Cheers Leslie, i have enjoyed it!

  25. Lol! Morgen hope the button looks good for manic monday!

  26. Glad you chose the bridge! It's lovely and the photo is also so silver colored!

  27. great hubby suggested I post something about the Queens jubilee but he figured most people wouldn't know what that was....great choice!


    my pic is up

  28. Phew I'm worn out scrolling down through all these comments!!! Shows what the mention of a "nipple ring" can do!!!!!

  29. Thanks Jane! your right it is (or grey if you are pessimistic!)

    Hey Smalltown your husband is a genius!lol!

    Hey Ruth and they only found out about the nipple ring when they arrived at the photo!lol!

  30. Welcome to the photo hunt.
    The bridge will be great! It does have a silvery cast to it. I even thought about taking a picture of a bottle of Centrum Silver vitamins but then decided on something else.

  31. great bridge! It is definitly really silver!

  32. Nipple ring? Claire you are a tease...

    Very good pic, I once drove a van sideways onto that bridge (there was oil on the slip road) all good fun.

    I'm off for a cold shower....

  33. Very peaceful view!

    Have a nice weekend!

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  34. Where is this bridge!

    Nipple ring ... ouch!!!

    Mine's up too :)

  35. Darn, your first choice would have perked up many of the Photo Hunt participants -- but the bridge photo is brilliant just the same! Take care.

  36. Thanks srp,i like the vitamins idea.

    Cheers Katherine

    Thankyou indeed meeyauw, alas not real silver.

    Chris me a tease? its like saying your a comment ho.
    oh dear on the slippage and i hope shower is nice!lol!

    Teena follow the link by the picture and you will find out. It was ouch indeed.

    Thanks Larry but this is a family show!lol! thanks for the visit.

  37. Imagine my surprise when I find that a google of 'nipple ring' has the seeker ending up here, of all places. Not that I would do such a thing, no, an acquaintance happened to tell it was so.

  38. What a terrific picture. Perfect choice for The Hunt!

  39. Lol! ahvarahn. I am off to try that on google now! i am sure you wouldn't do anything like that!

    Thank you pastormac's ann!

  40. What an excellent choice for this week's theme!