31 Jan 2007

Happy 1900th Visitor!

Happy 1900th visitor!
The Winner was another relative newbie, here by way of Wordless Wednesday.
It's Friday's Child.
Check out her site by clicking out the photo of her! Her site is a riot of colours, which make me ready to go dancing with the kitty! Also there is a lovely post called 'A special letter'.

Thank you to everyone that has visited today and hopefully many will continue to visit
The competition is now on! who will win the coveted '2000th' visitor?

Update: This is my update section!
  • Finally posted some Counselling homework! more on the way later on today.
  • Tomorrow is Thursday Thirteen, not sure what yet.
  • There has been progress in Gardening Challenge! nothing has died yet!
  • Going on another Hike this weekend (maybe two!) so hopefully some great photos.
  • No doubt other rambling thoughts.
Don't forget to check out Wordless Wednesday Below and all the posts below that!

Toodle Pip

Claire xxxx


  1. I am posting a comment here to tell all of you who read Claires blog what a very special person she is. For those of you who don't know my husband is very ill and I am trying with the meagrest of information to track down a painting of him that was done some years ago. Claire who I have never met in person has been trying, without me knowing, to find some further information to help me with my quest. What a remarkable thing for her to do; she must have so little time to spare with her own commitments at home and her studies, yet she has taken some up of her valuable time to help me. When you read her blog, which brings so many of us so much pleasure, be aware that you are reading the blog of an "Angel on Earth". Thank you Claire, and please don't delete this comment out of modesty.
    Rx & Mx

  2. P.S. Well done Fridays Child

  3. congratulations!

    claire: nope!

    grrr, didn't work....

  4. ruth, claire is that kind of blogger, will even help me! sigh, can't get a link in a comment to save me.

  5. I think it is hopeless... I will never catch up with you (although maybe you had a tiny headstart!)

    I am i think around 1,300 or so...

    My blog just isn't as cool as yours! :)

    Talk to you soon.

  6. Thanks Ruth, I dont know what to say to that, apart from it was my pleasure to try and help,i really wish i could find that painting for you.

  7. Empress i am still trying to help you and we will figure it out!lol!

  8. Hey Ryan its not a competition! Your blog is cool and you will just have to become more of a comment ho!lol!

  9. That's it...I'm gonna click back and forth until I get to two thousand! LOL!

  10. Claire; I will find it. At the moment I wouldn't be able to get to Bures; bound to be someone their who would know the ex houseowners surname....will give me a quest to focus on when....well you know. Will call on you if I need any thoughts or avenues to follow when I have more information.
    Night night

  11. I am ready to help anytime, Ruth!