31 Jan 2007

Counselling Homework, Activity Three

Hello, today we are moving away from self development for the time being (well not really moving away from it as that's a continual process).
In class we have moved away from it and have to continue the self-development work at home, so i will post some more things to do on that soon.
At this level we have to look at the more practical side to counselling, not an in depth look just skimming over it really.

Working in a small group consider the following:

You are setting up your own voluntary counselling service.

1. Think of a name for your counselling service? any suggestions will be taken into consideration for my future practice!

2. What kind of premises would be most suitable?

3. How can you make best use of the setting in which counselling takes place? (consider-privacy, equality, safety, comfort)

4. What can you do to ensure equality of access to the service for all potential clients? (consider physical access, cultural diversity, gender, disability, age, religion etc)

5. Draw a floor plan of your counselling premises on flip chart paper.
(try to incorporate as many ideas as you can into your plan)

I hope you enjoy this.


  1. lots to think about here. No 4 is tough...a lot to consider. Difficult to think of a name; suppose it depends on the area your premises were in and the type of community. Around here THE LISTENING EAR would be a handy thing to have.

  2. Oh i really like that Ruth!! thats going in the portfolio.
    With the premises you have to be covered for any circumstances.

  3. For your name, how about "Rambunctious Red's" ;-)

  4. Tomcat! i posted that you were a great help to me!!! Its a counselling service not a brothel!lol!

  5. Hurry up i am doing my answers now!lol!