21 Jan 2007

Home from Hiking!

Hello, i am back! this time i hiked around 8-9 miles, but the first bit was a steep steep incline!
At first there was a lot of rain and sleet, but then the sun came out hooray!
I wont say much else about the hike as i am saving that for when i have the pictures to go with it. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.
Oh when we got back to the car, there was time to nip into the pub and have a nice pint of Old Speckled Hen ( a strong fine ale), that took the chill off!
Unfortunately when i got home i found out my dad still hasn't fixed the radiator problem, so still no water!!!


  1. well alrighty then, now honey when you said you were hiking all those MILES i expected you back in DAYS, not HOURS, you see? i would have stopped every mile or so at the hotel, i can't imagine doing all that in a few hours, yikes!

    oh, and claire honey, i keep saying "crikee" (sp) now, and i have no idea what it means, wanna' help me out here before i embarrass myself and am too dumb to know it? thanks. smiles, bee

  2. Hey that was pretty slow going and i am nowhere near fit enough!

    I presume you mean 'Crikey' which is

  3. Speckled Hen, the balm for sore legs.

    If you like that, next time you're in Jockland, look out for McEwans Champion ale. Dark, smooth & so drinkable it will disappear very quickly. And, at over 7.5% so will your ability to walk...

  4. Guess it's back to the pub then and drown yourself in Speckled Hen.

  5. claire, how do you do that link thingy in the comments? would you do a blog about how to do "stuff" in comments? and thanks, i can say it all i want. i said it in walmart a little while ago, the cahsier was sooooo slow, i said crikey would you speed it up (you freak!)
    smiles, bee

  6. Hiking is too much like work...all that walking :)

  7. weird! I just wrote about hiking (SHORt post)... then came here! lol

  8. Oh i will have to try that one Chris! i am going tpo liverpool beer festival in feb so it might be there!

    alas the pub is too far to go back Ruth!

    Am working on it E'Bee, just not that computer brilliant so its taking a while!

    John hiking is excellent!
    just wait till see the pics!

    Spooky Erika! will go and have a read!

  9. rain and sleet on our walk, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  10. That's a pretty good hike Claire! I used to hike a LOT of miles getting fire crews into well as myself. Up and down the mountains, over rocks, over logs, etc. No wonder my knees are in bad shape. LOL! Bummer on the rain though.

  11. Rain and sleet isnt too bad if youve got your waterproofs on sarge

    hey gene come back later to check out photos

  12. And how are your feet? Does soaking them in Old Speckled Hen help?

  13. Feet are fine now! soaking didn't help so i had to consume the speckled hen!!lol!

  14. Hmmmm.... wonder how wild her hair is after all that ale. :-)