22 Jan 2007

Water update!

Hello! Water is back on! no more bad breath. But radiator has been removed and the search is on for a new one.

That's really my living room! well the window part of it. That's socks on the window sill, they were down the radiator (that's where they all go!lol!)


  1. i had the same problem on internet explorer, you can open them with foxfire. i'll email her and tell her. thanks, bee

  2. Glad you have your water back I know where all the odd socks have disappeared to.

  3. i blew the photo up, yes they are socks............

  4. okay your prize is there for the grabbing! bee

  5. It's bad when you are waterless. A lot of people here have been having problems with their pipes freezing tha last couple of weeks.

    Keep in mind, as long as you can get water into the tank of your toilet you can flush it. Hey, some things are more important than others! LOL!

  6. Glad to hear your water is back on. Hey where is your funny Monday?

  7. Yay to having water!

    I think not having water is one of the worst things that can happen...I like showers too much!!

  8. Hey E'bee i have installed firefox now so i can go and have a look!

    Ruth i just have to find the rest now! god damn sock monster!

    Sarge they are socks indeed!

    I have the cheese E'bee!

    lol! Gene the toilets are flushed now!

    Rose i have done it now!lol!

    Me too Mags, i felt so dirty after that hike!