7 Feb 2007

Blog of the Day again!

Hey i am blog of the day again!
This time with Fuel My Blog!


  1. You deserve it girl, a good site is hard to come by x x

  2. A real superstar! You should hit 3,000 by days end too. Have a great day and hope you are feeling better.

  3. Wow we shall have to pay to come visit your blog soon....LOL
    Can I have your autograph before you get too famous!!

  4. We were coming here before you got famous! Don't forget your fans! ;-)

    Nice one Claire :-D

  5. Dang Claire, where do you find these cool places? Rats, all the squares are taken. Boo hoo! LOL!!

    Good stuff Maynard.

  6. Congrats. First visit, but I'll be back.


  7. oh congratulations!! where do we leave the quarter now? just kidding. do you feel better today?

    smiles, bee

  8. That is one busy wall. I know Chris and Barb have advocated it, but I'm not at all sure how it really works.

    I guess the point is ... it is working, right?

  9. Wow!!!! What a wonderful idea. Must learn how to attach websites to pictures. It is a great technique.


  10. Hey! That's great news! Congrats :)

  11. Thanks Shaz! hopefully you have got over Mr Linky trauma!

    Cheers Sgt Dub i am 7 away from 3000, but i would rather have a few good ones, than a whole load of crap ones!
    Feeling a wee bit better now!

    Ruth i would never let you pay!lol! autograph is on its way.

    Cheers Chris i don't think i am really near blog super stardom yet!

    Hey Gene, they seem to find me!(on skittles site normally!)
    Oh very sad there is no room for your face! Maynard?

    Cheers nat! hope to see you soon.

    Hey Erika, i think i will stop rolling soon!

    Cheers Vic.

    Hey E'bee, put money in the post. You always make me feel better.

    Hey Curmy, i think its working. The same results as bloglog thing so far.

    Cheers Tomcat, Congrats right back at ya!

    Cheers Jamie, Colorado Bob pointed me in the right direction! I will send you the site he sent me.

    Thank you Skittles!

  12. Wow... ya lucky duck!


  13. Wow - when it rains it really does pour! Congrats on some well-deserved recognition!

  14. Cheers Ryan, i guess i am a lucky duck.

    Thank you indeedy Linda, not sure its that well-deserved, but i appreciate it anyway!