8 Feb 2007

I am Sick! Update!

Hey thanks for all the Get Well wishes! I feel slightly better today!
Just had a very very hot bath to try and clear this junk! and then drowned myself in olbas oil.
I am waiting till i can take my next lot of tablets before i go to bed, which is soon!

Thanks to the Bestest Blog of the Day and Fuel my blog for the awards i received! I hope i get some new repeat offenders, who like my blog!
Things will go back to normal soon and i will have a smaller steady stream of visitors, all the new ones are great but very tiring!

Things to come!
  • Number 3 hike of the year! It was a good one and there are some great photos.
  • Garden challenge update (when i get some photos!)
  • Other stuff, head hurts cant think anymore.


  1. It's nice to know you're getting better. Congratulations for being the Blog of the Day yesterday.
    Thanks for the visit.

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better. I went to the doc today and got some meds. I'm feeling a bit better, but still not 100%.

    Tomorrow's a new day! Have a good one.

  3. get lots of sleep!! Hope you feel better soon. Oh, and what the heck is olbas oil???

  4. Keep taking your medication Claire....and for your cold ;-)

    Chris, retreating to the looney bin...

  5. Take care...see you're over the 3000 mark now...well done!!

  6. I'm can't wait for the "other stuff". ;)

    I hope you fully recover soon!!!!

  7. Glad you're doing better, get some sleep.

  8. Get lots of rest.. we'll be here when you feel better :)

  9. drat! came all the way over here to read a tt and ANOTHER sickie. is the whole world sick today??? tough it up honey, i'm waiting...

    (just kidding, feel better soon)

    smiles, bee

  10. Hope today finds you well on the road to recovery!

    Geez, I sound like a freakin' Hallmark card but the sentiment is true!

  11. Wow, I stay away for a few days, and you get sick, if laughter is the best medicine, have a look at my Bear this morning. I haven't made a U-Tube clip in months, and he's got some stuff you'll recognize.

  12. "Repeat offenders" -- I just used the same phrase in the same way yesterday myself.

    (Cue music from Twilight Zone.)

    Glad you're on the mend.

  13. Thank Friday's child, your wordless wednesday always makes me smile!

    Hey C'W'Mom i hope the meds start working soon! This illness stuff sucks!

    Hey Ryan thanks for that! Olbas oil is Olbas
    and killers is one the radio again as i am writing this! weird!

    Getting cheeky again Chris!lol!

    Mags dont get to excited! but its something you will be good at i think?

    Thanks sgt dub, i think you will like this weeks TT.

    Cheers Skittles, your lovely e-card made me feel better!

    Thanks E'bee i am toughing it out and have done my TT!

    That was much better than a hallmark card Linda!

    Ah so its your fault C'bob! will be checking the bear out later!

    Spooky indeed curmy!! great minds think alike!

  14. Claire, I'm glad to learn you're improving and hope you continue to do so. :-)

  15. Like my grandma used to say,"Next time, don't go traipsing around the blogosphere without a nice warm coat and hat... you don't want to end up sick again!"

  16. I know I'm quite late to say this, but congratulations for winning the awards! =D You have a really cool blog! =P

    Glad you're feeling much better now. ;)

  17. Hi Claire.

    An interesting blog.

    I once went to Widnes when Leeds were playing a semi final of the RLFC Challenge Cup. We lost, so I have never had particularly fond memories of Widnes. Nice pic of the Widnes / Runcorn bridge though.

  18. Richard who is doing better now? I think being a Leeds fan is slightly better than being a widnes fan at the moment!
    The picture is one of the few nice views in Widnes!