1 Feb 2007

Blog Rules, Blog Etiquette, Blog B**locks!

Hello, I have been, hm mm how shall i put it, inspired to write a blog rant. Two people in particular gave me the Cojones to write it, so thank you! i think you know who you are!
When i started this blog (well if you really want to know this read old post blog influence, blog why do you it), i didn't expect or want to make friends. Not really anyway, it was just going to be a place to rant, ramble and do my counselling homework.
Then some great people started to give me advice and from there blog friendships where formed.
These folks are all widely different, all human (i think?) and really nice!
As baby blog grew, i decided to go visit other folks and if something amused, informed or interested me i left a comment. Some people replied and visited my blog, some folks didn't, that never offended me if they didn't.
So i began to make new friends , while still keeping my old favourites of course!. You cant be friends with everyone, but you can be respectful and be polite whilst not being friends though.
My main reason for this rant is if somebody verbally attacks one of your blog friends, a person you have never met before and don't really know, do you stick up for them?
Well in my case, I say a big HELL YEAH!, i don't owe anyone any favours and don't expect them in turn. This person who i stuck up for didn't ask, want or know i was even doing it.
The person who attacked them wrongly assumed i was on the same wavelength as them, Wrong!
This person then turned against me and tried to spread the poison around, this person is a this kind of a person( click image for link to original source)

So new visitors, guess what? i am not really a ranting kind of girl, i am actually rather nice! I would never intentionally upset anyone (well unless they really upset me!which this person did).
I am always ready to make new blogging friends and welcome comments and visits off all! but if you don't like me for some random reason of your own, or take offence to one of my friends and try and attack me, please do it in a calm and dignified way, basically p**s off!

Ok rant over! All is well and nice!!! and Happy 2000th visit results coming soon!


  1. Thank you Gene! guess what your one of my favourites!!!!

  2. Nothing wrong with a good rant now and then!

  3. Well you have to stick up for your friends! whoever they may be.

  4. well now honey i certainly love a good rant once in awhile. and this is a good one. now i have no idea who this is but it doesn't matter. just let it out and move on.....

    smiles, bee

  5. I think I know who this person is lol. If you're pissed at someone I say let them know. About the USB turntable, yes it comes with a program that lets you record your albums onto your PC. It's about the same cost as a regular turntable (at least the last time I priced one)One thing about the sound quality, if you have albums in good condition, the quality will be good. If they are all scratched up, you might not like it as much but there is a part of the program that will get rid of some of that. Sorry for the long comment, but I thought it would be easier than e-mailing it lol.

  6. Calm and dignified?

    Can I go for one or the other?

  7. You wouldn't want to know E'bee and i have to protect my friends that haven't been affected by them.

  8. No way Mike! thats really weird?
    Thanks for the info i will be thinking about purchasing one.

  9. Hey curmy, i cant imagine you not being calm and dignified, but yes you may pick one!

  10. Well you certainly let them know. Now I feel really secure knowing that if anyone bugs me I will refer them to you.

    Actually I unintentionally offended someone on another blog because they liked purple and had done their blog out with purple background with red text,so when you put your 'Purple people eater' on I thought it was great so I sent it to them. They were really offended and cut me out of their friends list. Really give me a break. Some people need help, hurry up and get that counselling degree.

  11. Gee, this sounds so vaguely familiar somehow! I believe we have discussed this a time or two, have we not?

    At any rate, a good rant is never a bad thing and I think we all need them every once in awhile - sort of like a cleansing of the soul.

    Maybe it's been the full moon this week that has just got everyone thrown off or something because it HAS been a very odd week!

  12. you are entitled to rant...but you did it with can always speak your doesn't have to be disrespectful....

    Good for your for sticking up for your friends....


  13. I think anyone who blogknows you would be only too happy to have you standing with them against some of the blogbullies who kurk the cyberworld. We also all know that you would no way deliberately offend or hurt someone; it's difficult when you can't read a persons body language or hear the tone of their voice as you read the innocent remark can so easily be taken the wrong way....I guess that's why we all use LOL so much to convey that what we're saying is tongue in cheek. Also some people just don't seem to have a sense of humour!!! I've been lucky and so far not been a victim of some of the abuse I have read in the comment boxes of other bloggers...and my blog about caring could easily be open to the "oh she's looking for sympathy" brigade. I am aware of one of your blog amtes who has recently been a victim of some very nasty abuse (this could be who you're talking about)...people who comment in this way are just sooo sad and pathetic. If you don't like what you're reading just go to another blog! there's no need to comment at all!! is my policy...and if it's a case of being a really "sick" blog involving children like some of the ones a blogfriend of mine found recently then they can be reported. Gee ranting a bit myself here aren't I?
    Anyway Claire you stick up for your rights and those of others and you won't go far wrong

  14. Top quality rant Claire.

    I think I know who you're talking about as well. If it is, google their name, and have a read. You're not alone.

    Life's too short for that kind of bollocks isn't it?


  15. Hey Vic, I've got your back!lol!
    How could somebody be offended by the purple people eater!

  16. Linda i have no idea what your talking about(lying!lol!)
    It has been a full moon this week actually!
    owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww(me howling at moon)
    Thanks for the comment!

  17. Thanks smalltown i really appreciate it! I am glad you thought i was dignified about it!
    And an even bigger cheers to you!

  18. Thanks Ruth! you always know what to say! No using names, but you are right!

  19. Life is indeed to short for them type of crazies Chris!
    Bollocks to them!

  20. Claire, I have no idea what happened or who it was that you defended, but I support you fully. It is indeed unfortunate that to some, no point of view is worthy of respect except their own. Thanks you an excellent rant, and I commend you for your integrity.

  21. Claire, I have a good idea of which you speak, Good for you. Your rant was well done, maybe a little tame. There is no reason to go to someone's site and be offensive, if you don't like them, just don't visit, now we have get Guido to visit people and break things that type. Take care.

  22. Hi Claire, I know who you're talking about!! But I love you anyway ;-)

  23. Yeah! What SHE said!

    You actually are one of the sweetest bloggers I've ever "not" met. ;)

  24. Did you see my Odds 'N Ends?

  25. Hey tomcat thanks for the support!

    Sgt dub, I tried to be as tame as possible out of respect for people who dont like rants.
    Bring on Guido!
    Thanks for this comment!

    Hey Alison thanks for visiting and the comment!have you visited from a certain hot air site?

    Thanks mags i really appreciate that you can get a sense of my personality over the blog, unfortunately some people(alien witch!) dont seem able to!

    Just been over skittles, this seems to be a problem for everyone! i hope you haven't suffered from this

  26. Well now missy, i do not know who "p" you off, only hope it was not me....
    You have yourself a nice day now, you hear..........cheers

  27. I have no idea what this is about. So Here's a story about

    Moose Turd Pie

  28. I agree with Ruth... I'm one who relies quite heavily on body language and tonal nuance and it can be quite difficult in the blogosphere to interpret remarks.

    Also agree with smalltownrn... I always tell my daughters that it's perfectly fine to speak your mind... as long as you're not disrespectful. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. I had to deal with some unpleasantness myself recently... just posted about it today as a matter of fact.... 3 full weeks later cause it took that long for me to be able to write about it without crying... anyway, I'm sending you a great big cyber hug!!

    Ps... Did you ever plant the lavender??

  29. Hello crpitt. Your profile says:

    "Dislikes Racism, Bigots, People wih no sense of humour".

    Since you're against bigotry, I assume you've got nothing against gorillas. We hairy apes have a great sense of humour and are contantly laughing at our human cousins. Let me know if you'd like to visit me in the jungle.

  30. Right on girl!

    and yes I am human ;-) lol

  31. You have to stick up for yourself and your friends, so no need to apologize for going off on a rant. Some people on here act like they would never in real life, saying things they would never say to someone face to face. What happened to just acting like you would in real life on here?

    I wasn't expecting to make friends when I started blogging either. It was a way to get back into writing I thought, but I've somehow managed to make a lot of new friends on here. A nice bonus.

  32. No sarge of course it wasn't you!
    I have had a very nice day!

    Hey C'Bob you dont wanna know! will check out link now.

    Hey women on verge, Thanks for the great comment, this person was full on nasty. I dont think i will ever know where all that venom came from and i sure hope no one else suffers.
    Sorry you have been through a difficult time yourself! so i am sending a cyber hug right back!
    Also no lavender, a small selection of kitchen herbs, they are all growing.

    Hey gorilla i think i will visit you site!

    Hey Erika i am so relieved that your human!lol! not that i have anything against aliens, unless they are evil blood sucking zombie flesh eaters.

    Hey John, Thats exactly what i was thinking! its all very well sat there typing the vile stuff that person was typing but would they say it to my face? No they wouldn't because if they knew me, they would know that i am a nice person!
    Thanks for visiting!!!!

  33. Claire--
    Those "full on nasties" seem to suck the oxygen right out of the room ,don't they??

    I appreciate the returned cyber hug. It's been a very difficult several weeks now. I was never a huge fan of hospitals before, but now they terrify me. I've made my husband promise that if I ever get so sick that I end up in one, he'll sit by the bed with a laptop and fact check everything before it's done to me...

  34. I couldn't help noticing you will be doing a counselling course. I'm doing that too. :) Good luck with it.

  35. Everyone needs a good rant every now and again, right!?

  36. Claire, you're quite welcome. I know it's no fun to be attacked. :-)

  37. Aliens? Wha?

    Do you really need my e-mail?


  38. Hey women on the verge, i have been over to your site but haven't finished reading yet, so apologies for not commenting yet! but what i have read so far shows you have indeed had a hard time lately!
    Yes they do suck the oxygen right out the room, but if you take a step away from them,you can breathe once more!
    I have spent my whole life in and out of hospital because of my mum, so i hate the places!

  39. Hey beaman , i am doing one right now, if you click on counselling in categories on sidebar, you can see what i have been doing so far.
    Also will be continuing to post homework so feel free to answer questions.
    Thanks for the visit.

  40. Hey Crazy Working Mom, yes i think they do! once its out the system you can flush it away.
    Thank you for the comment and visit!

  41. Aliens are among us Erika!!!lol!

  42. I think your rant was well written and to the point.

    Thanks for visiting my WW the other day. I finally posted what fwinke and binser mean. Thanks for playing along.

  43. Thank you! from a teacher that is indeed praise!
    Will check it out now.

  44. Claire,

    Rant and I admire how you did it. Stick up for yourself and friends and what I can see from your blogs, it was done with dignity and respect. That means a great deal in this world with so many problems. Great job and dealt with well. (College and life and experience teaches us this, yet, on the same token we learn this with valuable aging and caring and wanting to make a difference.)

    I am not sure of who you are talking about, but that does not matter as I know of ones on the Internet that fits the sound of your type on the keyboard in description.

    Pay them no mind. They are trolls and after your heart to feed their own. Sadly, as wonderful as the Internet is, it also is a valuable tool that wicked and mean people feed from. I guess we have to take the good with the bad. And hope for the best. (Think about it. Even in a large city, one would have to use a great deal of time to find victims, but with the Internet, we are all many times subject to being victims. And never see it coming. And when we do, we want to RANT. Good for you and good for us. It is an inspiration and makes me think.


  45. Thanks for such a wonderful comment, it certainly seems most have understood why i wrote this post.
    I sincerely do hope that people realise that i have not written this out of spite or that i am jumping on the band wagon.
    These are my own thoughts and feelings.
    I hope that this person will leave us nice normal folks alone!


  47. Ooops never replied to Anon.

    Well how bloody rude!

    Please watch this video: