1 Feb 2007

Friday Feast number 4

What was one of the fashion fads when you were a teenager?
I have to go with Shell suits!

Name one thing you think people assume about you when they first meet you.
WoW your gorgeous! oh you mean the person behind me, yes i will get out the way.
Ok not allowed to be negative, but i always to struggle to know what people assume about me.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how hard do you work?
At times 10, other times 1.
Helping my mum out is sometimes a ten! but i still get a lot of time to be a 1.

Main Course:
If you were given a free 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl to sell anything you currently own, what would you advertise?

My accordion that i bought because of E'bee, i cant recommend it highly enough!lol!
On a more serious note: my hiking boots!

Fill in the blank: I love to _Hike_______ when it is ____Sunny but not hot_____.


  1. Who's the dude in the shell suit? Slick threads...

    I can honestly say I never owned one of them. Dodged that nylon-jacketed bullet....

  2. so that's where i left my accordion! (note to self: must wash accordion)

    (big) smiles, bee

  3. I would love to do more hiking, but I live in the praries :(

  4. Claire Rachael Pitt.

    You are pretty. You are smart. You are funny.

    I'm pretty sure that's what people think of you when they see you.

  5. Yo, Chris, Hes my fella!lol! not really! just a google wonder!
    You never had one? i dont believe you!

    Lol! E'bee its broke you can have it back, will just get it out of the dishwasher!

    Hey greeneyed girl, so the praries are all flat?

    Mags you are too kind!!!! note to everyone no money was exchanged for this comment!

  6. Thanks Skittles! you haven't seen me in the flesh!! But i do appreciate such lovely comments!

  7. Shell suits...I'd forgotten about a nasty feeling I had one just like this...(cringe)
    Dessert; I love to bloghike in the garden when it is very sunny but not hot enough to melt my keyboard.

  8. Shell suit? We call it a windbreaker here. lol. I used to have one, about the same color. and a purple one too. But I was just a kid :-)

  9. Oh Dear Ruth! i hope it is gone!
    Oh i like the term bloghike. I imagine what would happen if your keyboard melted!

    Hey i am only 25! was only just a teenager when i had one!lol!

  10. So I was thinking we should team up for a Thursday 13. 13 words that differ here vs there. So far we have Fanny Pack/bum bag and Windbreaker/shellsuit.

  11. crap.... forgot to do Friday feast this week.. idiot..

    Ahh yes... shell suits. So horrible. Parachute pants were popular over there as well weren't they? You know, kinda tight, some even of leather or some sort of pleather (fake plastic or vinyl based leather), with zippers all over them?? Now I'm just showing my age..

    Have a great night Claire!

  12. Oh, and did you site your source for the image you posted???

    Aren't you supposed to credit it to a google search or something???? LOLOLOLOL....

    You better get right on that so the blogger etiquette police don't arrest you!

    Kidding of course!

  13. Yeah Erika thats a great idea.

  14. Oh dear Ryan, you must try harder!
    Yes i have seen parachute pants, but i hope you never owned a pair?
    I am tired, just done a ten mile hike, so my great night will entail sleep.

  15. Oh no i never, i will correct that now!
    Thanks for highlighting it for me.