20 Feb 2007

Check out Ruth's Blog!

Update! I am happy to Report that the target has been achieved! But please head over and read more about if you like, also click on link on new widget for more info! I will be keeping the widget up until they reach target of £5000.
I am very late putting this up!
Check out this blog now, Its Ruth's blog Click Here!
Just by commenting on the top post you can increases money donated to a cancer charity.
You should know by now that Ruth is amazing and although she has more than her fair share of bumps in the road, she still finds time to campaign for others!

So please check it out now!!!!

Also just added widget showing the donations so far!


  1. Thanks Claire; the more publicity the better!! You're a star

  2. Good post claire, it is such important stuff. I am a 6 year survivor, I know how important it is.

  3. Your the star Ruth and i am just following your honorable lead!
    This really is a good idea and its one of them causes where you know exactly where the money is going.

    Thanks Sarge! I love that you shared that you are a 6 year survivor, people definitely need to hear the good and bad sides of cancer and in fact any illness.

  4. Good Afternoon Claire,

    Given that you like Scotland so much, you might keep an eye on this site (or even subscribe to the Magazine) for really interesting events and background

    Heritage Scotsman

  5. And to you Jamie!
    Just been over to the site and its featuring one of my favourite authors Alexander McCall Smith, Thanks for the tip!

  6. We made the 100!! Thanks so much for putting the widget on; you're a darling. You may want to ammend this post now; as much as I would LOVE visitors from your blog I'd hate for them to come over on false pretences.

  7. Post amended! you always hop over to mine when i am reading yours!
    You have been blessed with a few of mine now! and they are the lucky ones to find your blog.