20 Feb 2007

Counselling Homework, Task Four Answer

Hello Students! welcome to my attempt at Activity Four

Develop a 'counseling contract' for your counselling service. Remember back to Activity 3 when we created a voluntary counselling service.

I have decided to go with calling the service 'The Listening Ear'

The Listening Ear Counselling Agreement Contract

The counselling agreement contract is to help you to understand the counselling process and its limitations and boundaries. The aim of our counselling service is to provide an opportunity for you to work through any problems or difficulties that you may be having at this moment in time, enabling you to live your life the way you want to live it. The process of counselling helps you to talk through problems that are troubling you, with a person who is trained to understand your situation. Your counsellor will not offer you advice or pass any judgements on your situation.
The Listening Ear can offer a range of recognised models of counselling, your counsellor will explain which approach he/she is trained in and how you can get the best out of it.

Confidentiality is a very important aspect of our counselling service, there are exceptions that make it impossible to offer absolute confidentiality. The exceptions will cause the counsellor to follow this services contractual policy of disclosure.
  1. If a client is threatening to seriously harm/abuse themselves.
  2. If a client disclose the fact that they have/ or intend to harm others.
  3. If a client is physically or verbally abusive towards the counsellor.
  4. If a client discloses information that might arise in a subsequent court case.
  5. If a client discloses something that may be against the law such as Serious drug crimes and Terrorism.
In the event of any such situation the counsellor will always discuss any action they may take with you and then with their supervisor.
You should also be aware that your counsellor will keep notes and discuss things with their supervisors, but your name will never be mentioned in conversation or be written down.
The notes will be stored in a secure place and then they are later destroyed.

The length of the session will last 5o minutes. If you are the cause for a session starting late, it will still end at the normal time.
The frequency and number of sessions will be by mutual agreement and there will be regular reviews to ensure that both parties are still happy with the arrangement.

If the Counsellor or Client are unable to attend a session, then at least 24 hours notice should try to be given.
Holidays that you the client or the counsellor intend on taking, should also be discussed.
Sessions will automatically be cancelled if you come to a session under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol.

The Counsellors here at 'The Listening Ear' are a mixture of Fully accredited members of the BACP and Second year students of a Diploma course. Both are bound the BACP code of ethics and Practice which defines the counselling relationship.
You will be made aware of your counsellors qualifications from the start.

Clients Signature......................................Date......................................

Counsellors signature..............................Date.......................................

Ok there is my go! This was very difficult! Please feel free to help me out!


  1. Other than the fact that the name should be Rambunctious Red's, it was excellent. There are a couple minor grammatical glitches. I would have included a set penalty for appointments not canceled. Have you checked the legal requirements there regarding confidentiality? (If you haven't, it might be a good idea to do so and incorporate that language. Good job!!

  2. P.S. I'm glad it wasn't you. ;-)

  3. I have told you i cant use that!lol!
    It is a great name though. If i ever change the name of the blog, it will be that!

    As its a voluntary service, i didn't know how to put in a penalty? any suggestions?
    also we have to put in a bit about an expected donation, I found that difficult to word.

    The legal requirements are bound up the code of practice that is set by the BACP, The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, do you think i should emphasise that more?

    Thanks for your pointers! it really helps.

    ps.Lol! i was going to use it as my Wordless Wednesday, but it had words on it!

  4. I did not realize it was a voluntary service. Hmmmm.... Perhaps you might set a fee for appointments missed without notice, or a time during which they could not receive service without making a set donation if they miss without proper notification and approval.

    Perhaps spelling out the BACP code might be a good idea to cover you against liability arising from a misunderstanding, since the BACP code has an established legal definition.

    You're welcome.

    PS - that might have ruined your rep. ;-)

  5. Great idea! I think i will be able to do that.

    It will be hard spelling out the code and not making it sound too long winded but will give it a go!

    ps- i think your right!

  6. Let;s keep you prim and pristine. ;-)

  7. tomcat seems to have good ideas there. Like the name...LOL

  8. Yes tomcat, they will never know!

    Hey Ruth, he does indeed! dont encourage him with that name!lol!
    Although i do love it.

  9. The name was given me by a football (US flavor, not UK) coach in high school. When I cot involved in computer communications in 1984 and needed a 'handle'(screen name), I dusted it off.

  10. Does that mean you were ferocious?

  11. It meant that I was quick. I'm only ferocious with redheaded Brits. ;-)