27 Feb 2007

Gardening challenge

At last i have Gardening Challenge update!!
It started off like this (picture above!) Unfortunately they need re potting now.
The question i need answering is:
  • Do i plant them together in a window box style?
  • Or in separate pots?

Now to see some proper gardening check out Ruth's site (just click on gorgeous flower from her garden!) and see her Pip Challenge! This is what i will be attempting next!


  1. Good work, I usually kill off seedlings as soon as they appear.

    Hunt for a gardening blog quickly! ;-)

  2. Drill holes in the bottoms of the pots and put the whole pot in the windowsill planter. Looks clean and the roots can still expand.

  3. Hi Claire,

    Gardening is an art that you appear to be cultivating. Unfortunately I was not born with fingers that were anywhere near the green hue that might pass this talent on to me.

    the Brit

  4. Get the kids to help you chris!

    Thanks for that Gene, sounds good.

    Hey Brit, nice to hear from you. I have had to paint the green on. Hopefully it last long enough for me to get the hang of this gardening lark!

  5. well you don't want any input from be honey, i can't grow mold on cheese!

    but good luck!!!

    smiles, bee

  6. Claire, I can't help you on this. My plants are always doomed from the start.

  7. My comment just got I'll have to start all over again!
    Wow Claire well done. Gene's idea is a good one though you may need to thin them out a bit as the roots may get a little many plants in one little pot. If you've room, time & patience you can prick them out individually and grow on lots of plants. Are any of them hardy (can't remember if you said which ones they were; will take a closer look at their leaves)cos you could put them outside later in the year.
    Thanks for saying nice things about my gardening skills...good luck with the Hellabore..remember they take 2-3 years to flower.

  8. Hi Claire, Its hard to tell from the pics what the herbs are, I think the one with the thin grass like stalks could be Chives and I think I can see Parsley in there too. Both of which I personally would transplant in to single pots. The thing I notice from the pics is that they are looking a bit leggy, this is not easy to avoid when growing indoors on a window ledge, what you need to try and do is give them as much light as you can in a room that is quite cool. Heat is okay to get them going but now it's best if they don't get too much. A spare room without heat would be better than a hot kitchen. If you want to try growing a pip try an Avacardo, they always seem quite reliable. Bob.

  9. Does letting my 12 month old color my thumb green count for anything?

    My husband is going to build me a grow light thingie (at least that's the technical term, yes it is, please don't argue with me) in the basement. I have great dreams of starting all sorts of crazy vegetables down there, like tomatoes and green peppers, maybe even a red pepper plant-but that may be a bit over the top.

    Oh, wait, your blog is about you, not me? I have no idea what you should do with those plants.

  10. I say individual pots, you have no idea how big & how quick these herbs can grow but I assure you you'll complain about shop bought herbs after cooking with your own grown ones.

    Do a nice corner potted herb garden x x x

  11. The last thing anyone wants or needs from me is gardening advice! I have a "black thumb of death" where plants are concerned!

  12. Yeah.. um... spread them out.. somehow :)

  13. Hey E'bee i am sure you could grow mold on cheese!lol!

    Hey Tomcat, you will have to try and grow something, its good for you.

    Ruth thanks for trying again! guess i need to go get some pots! i have no idea whats what! hoping somebody will tell me, i forgot to label them whoops! maybe i will try something a bit easier then for next project.

    Hey UK Bob, thanks for identifying some of them! i have moved them out of the kitchen now.
    Avocado is on my list.

    Hey W'Porch, well my nephew helped plant these, so sure why not! I cant wait to see grow light thingie! Feel free to talk about yourself!!!

    Hey Shaz, thats my motivation for growing them (and not killing something for once)When garden is sorted thats my plan! but for now indoor stuff.

    Oh dear Jeni, plastic plants for you!!! although you could join in my gardening challenge and have a go! Go to Ruth's blog for inspiration!

    LoL! Skittles amazing advice!!!

  14. I'm a huge fan of pots, especially if there are herbs in there. That way, you can move the pots around however, whenever, and wherever you want.

    It's almost time to start my own garden for the year. I suppose I ought to order the seeds...

  15. Hi Claire - you've got some good advice here already!
    Herbs like lots of sun.
    A window box in a sunny room is a great idea.
    These little pots are great for starting, but not for growing. One time drying out, and you'll lose the little buggers.
    Also, except for the chives, you will need to thin them out. Use nail scissors and cut the ones out that are the leggiest - cutting them instead of pulling them won't disturb the roots.
    When you re-pot, I have found that herbs do best in deeper pots - especially parsley which will develop a tap root (being a member of the carrot family). A regular window box will be plenty deep, and you will be able to arrange them together in one planter. Just make sure that the window box has good drainage -- drainage is key with herbs. Usually in my window box, I put about a 2" layer of styrofoam peanuts in the bottom, then cover the peanuts with a layer of damp paper towels before adding potting soil. Make sure you use potting soil and NOT garden soil for seedlings.
    A way to help seedlings from getting leggy is to turn them every day - because inside they will grow towards the sun. And if you have a small fan, have it blow air near (not on) them for good air circulation. The air movement will trigger stronger stems in the plants like basil. But - if you do the fan, watch the moisture level, they will dry out sooner! Once established, your herbs will want to be on the drier side but for now, regular watering with good drainage is key. Don't let your pots sit for more than 15 minutes in standing water.
    And, even though you're tempted, don't harvest your herbs until they have strong sets of true leaves (although it is perfectly wonderful to eat the culled seedlings that you snipped out when thinning!)
    Okay, this is enough herby advice from mo today!
    cheers & toodle pip,

  16. Cheers Susan

    Sorry Mo was very late saying a big thank you for this great advice!
    THANK YOU! i will keep you updated on my progress whether its good or bad.

  17. Great job! Bet you can't wait to eat those tasty morsels :)