27 Feb 2007

Happy 4300th Visitor!

Happy 4300th visitor! I know some of you tried hard but just missed the mark!
(Sorry Sgt Dub).
A quick recap on why i do the 'Happy 100's' post, its because i am happy that you all visit me and sometimes come back! Previous winners can be found in my Happy 100's category on the sidebar.

The winner is (well it could of been a visitor from his site, but he still gets the credit!)...............
So click on his pussy and say hello! (then go and vote for Jazper!!!)

Ps. I am finally working on Garden challenge update!


  1. Ok. Well now this 100th thing is stuck in my head - I'll do my very best to win :-)

    I had to wipe the tears from my cheeks when I read this though - I just don't know if I can bring myself to click on someone's pussy.

    Maybe it doesn't refer to the same thing as it does over here?

    Oh god, I'd better stop typing, I'll get myself in trouble!

  2. Ok already....I promise to come visit more often....been in a bit of a funk...and my girls have been here...and now that the sun is wanting to rear it's head I have been busy in the Garden!!! Yes me...gardening....who would have thought....

  3. this is a great blog..found you through Wordless Wednesday..I will be back later when I am more awake..Have a great day

  4. Hi Claire!
    One link for you:

    That's the Norwegian Tourist Board - and they're big on hiking... Good Luck!

  5. Hi Claire. Nice site you have. Thankks for stopping by mine. Have a good day...Cheers!!

  6. Well done again. These hundreds are rolling by quickly. Looking forward to seeing the gardening challenge update.

  7. Kai i have no idea what you mean?lol!
    I look forward to you achieving the status of a Happy 100!

    Hey smalltown, no pressure, just pop in when you can. I really need to get out in the garden.

    Hey Amy, glad you found me. I am still asleep!

    Hey Stine, thanks for the link i will check it out later, cant wait to see whats on there.

    Hey matt man, Thanks and your site is pretty damn cool.

    Hey Ruth! as long as folks like you keep coming back i will be very happy! working on gardening one now!

  8. I'm jealous Claire. I thought I was your favorite cat!! :'-(


  9. Well tomcat put yourself in a competition and i will vote for you!
    Best in show!lol.

    Hey Skittles, the winner has not been over yet! very naughty!

  10. Hey Claire - I'm still laughing - sorry, it's just too cute! (the p-word is slang for a woman's genitals over here) Maybe it's just a Canadian thing?

    Oh, and about the ears - they don't do it in the UK anymore because part of the ear is actually sliced off, under anesthesia of course. (Don't hate me! I had no choice, it's what they do with Danes who will be show dogs over here, but luckily natural ears are catching on.)

    So did I win? Am I lucky # 4400?


  11. All I have to say is:

    You are SUCH a brat!!


    (did I win now?)

  12. Hi Claire!
    Jazper & I are thrilled!
    Thanks for the shout out!
    I'm a Happy 100!
    The 4300th visitor! Yowsa!

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier - I was working on my shopping website all day yesterday, and am off to do more soon today!

  13. hehehehe Kai! i got you!

    Your most welcome Mo!