24 Feb 2007

Happy 4100th Visitor!

Hello, i have just got back from hiking so i am a bit sweaty and tired!
The 4100th visitor was no one i could capture, as it was generated by the Random Blog Button!
Which is a new feature of The Bestest Blog of All-Time so go and check this site out and see all the cool blogs they have on it!
This is my unique feature, which is used to thank all my visitors but if you happen to hit that round figure of a hundred you get a special mention!

New features coming to this blog! I have decided to do Pay Per Post to generate some cash for world travel fund. Please do not run to the hills at the prospect of this because i will try and pick some good products and use my own unique writing styles to make the posts interesting.


ps.I have borrowed (nicked) mates camera for a few days, so will be able to finally show Garden Challenge Update and Hiking photos!


  1. Did you forget to move the turtle?

  2. "Did you forget to move the turtle?"

    That sounds like a wonderful euphemism for going to the toilet...


    Where are you going around the world? As far as you can? ;-)

  3. I'll always be a fan even when you've made your first million. My begging letter will be the one signed

  4. Tortoise and yes i did! I had no idea what you meant at first, another blonde/red moment! Cheers for the reminder tomcat.

    lol chris! thats what i thought at first, doh! its my ticker meter!
    Yes world travels are basically as much as possible!

    Cheers Ruth, but if i had a million i would have already given you some!

  5. Oh good - put me on that list for when you're giving your million away! I need a new couch as my freakin' cat has decided to sharpen her claws on my current one despite the fact she has three other scratching posts! She does it when she's mad at me for not giving her the food that SHE likes! I swear, I'm taking a drive past a farm soon and she's going to "accidentally" fall out of the car!

    Glad to hear you had a good sweaty hike today - looking forward to some pictures!

  6. Erm of course i will Linda! That sounds like one evil cat!
    The photos should be up tomo!

  7. Trivia question: Who was your 1000th?

  8. Congratulations! As a newbie struggling to get my 100th, I can appreciate what an accomplishment this is.

  9. My most favourite was 1000th Sarge!

    Hey Edward, will come over to see you in a bit!