25 Feb 2007

Hike 3 and 4

As promised i am writing about the hikes that i have done so far this year (5 at the moment)
I have got some photos at last, although none for hike number three as they are trapped on my camera phone! If you want to see previous ones just click on hikes in the categories section found on the side bar.

Hike number Three was in Wales in a place called Llyn Geirionydd & Llyn Bychan from Llyn Crafnant. To see the walk description click here
This was a lovely walk but we got a bit lost due to bad map directions!(yes i am blaming the map not my navigational skills!). So that added about a mile onto overall route, it was worth it though.

Hike number Four was in the Yorkshire Dales, where we tackled one of the Three Peaks,Ingleborough .
Started the walk with a 2 mile stroll past the entrance of the ingleborough cave system. This is amazing place and i will be going back some time this year! If you like caves
click here

This is the start of the serious hiking, just a wee scramble over wet slippery rocks and away we go!

Now we trudge over moorland for awhile, it didn't look like much, but it hurt like hell!
If you look at this picture where i had to rest, we started way down the bottom on the left and we haven't even started the climb yet. Its food time now, so break out the butties, cant eat too much though as its tough climbing next. The trudge continues for another half mile or so before we hit the climb!
It wasn't as bad as the miles of trudge, just had to do short sharp bursts of energy, its worth it when you turn round and see this!
At the summit at last, here is a photo of Aly who is pointing at the summit marker (my mate who kindly lets me use these photos! i do take some of them honest!) But will be getting my own camera soon!
Ok its time to descend this peak lets have a quick look where we are going.
Oh it doesn't look too bad! lets get a bit nearer.
Ah how beautiful, this will be a lovely stroll down.
Not quite! it was bloody scary coming down i am glad we didn't come up this way!

Once you reached the very bottom and looked back, it doesn't look like that much hard work does it!

Just a wee scramble down them rocks and we are on the way back to the car (via the pub!)
Here's a goodbye off Aly!
I hope you enjoyed this! more to come soon!


  1. Excellent set of photos, and I can feel the aches in my calf muscles. Although that may be down to our efforts today ;-)

    You ought to set up a Wordpress photoblog when you get your camera Claire, it'll be good to give your pics some more space (I know you can click on these, but Blogger is soooo slow).

    Where to next week?

  2. Oh i will pop over and see where you went!
    Yes i really want a new layout, so i will have to think about it.
    Well before next week,will put up photos of yesterday (which was a disaster!) and next weekend should be going to Derwent edge.

  3. Phew worn out now. You really should consider my age before you take me on these

  4. I really should consider my legs,ruth!lol!

  5. That looks like it was hard work but well worth it for the view! How far do you have to go to find the spots where you hike at? Are they far from your home?

    The only hiking I've done of late is up the two flights of stairs to get to dispatch at work! I'd post pictures but they'd be pretty darned boring as the view isn't all that great!

  6. It was hard work, but hopefully it will get easier over the weeks!
    All the hikes so far have been about a 90 minutes away from my home and the hikes start from where we park.
    So i guess i am pretty lucky that i have friends that drive!
    I am sure your photo's of work wouldn't be that boring!

  7. I'm glad I stopped back again to look at these last hikes. The height of some of them is quite deceiving.

  8. honey now exactly where do you get all this energy? it tires me out watching... but good for you ! and i certainly did enjoy the photos.

    smiles, bee

    ps: hey to mum!

  9. I wish I had awesome places like that to go!

  10. Ooh, I'm drooling.

    I mean, we have neat places around here. Mostly forest, but it's hilly, as we're in the foothills of the mountains. Nothing like what you've got, though.

    Glad you pointed me over! Have you survived meeting Trevor? *grin*

  11. Hey Marcia, yes they are indeed. I had no idea it was going to be so hard to climb! but it was well worth it!

    Hey E'bee, I have no idea where the energy comes from (i dont want to be all blog no action maybe?)
    I am really glad you enjoyed the photos!
    Will pass on the hey to mum, thanks for that you sweetie!

    Well Erika if you fancy hopping on a plane and visiting, i will give you the guided tour!

    Hey Susan, wipe that drool away it might ruin your computer!lol!
    Thanks for coming back! and from what i have read so far, Trevor sounds erm different! will be back to read more!

  12. Awesome photos Claire! I love the one of the moors! To walk along the moors!!! What a dream for a Canuck like me :-) How lucky are you!

  13. Cheers Kai, walking across moors is an absolute killer! its really hard going. But as you can see its worth it! No idea what a Canuck is/means?
    Next hike should have moors!

  14. I'm gonna start a fundraising click post to get you your own camera . . . .that way we get more pics more often . . .lol

    Thanks for the "Spam"

  15. Ah thanks shaz lol, it was a pleasure to send you spam!

    Cheers Tomcat, it makes you want to get your boots on doesn't it?

  16. Beautiful! I have a picture of a hike I went on a while ago that was horrible on the legs too-but in the picture it looks like a tiny little bump of land.

    I understand-thanks for sharing!