28 Feb 2007

Happy 4400th Visitor!

Welcome to the home of 'Happy 100's', Every 100 visitor i do a special post. This is where i get to say thank you to you all for visiting. Competition is fierce to join the Happy 100's, with my repeat offenders (sidebar lot) battling with newbies and randoms!
So who hit the spot this time? Well yet again it was not quite clear who exactly it was, but the site author has to get the credit!
Follow the Picture link to see who won!

Sorry to those who tried especially hard this time (Kai). But i still appreciate every single visit.
I also use these posts as a way of telling you what's to come on my blog and review the week so far!
So far this week:
  • I updated you on my Gardening challenge (where i am attempting to grow something without killing it!) This idea was inspired by Ruth!
  • Posted about my hiking so far this year.
  • Manic Monday (Mo still hasn't realised he is a Happy 100!)
  • Ryan also joined the Happy 100's, he is still ill!
  • Got my new scanner! so i have been able to post old photos! Nobody has realised that the two photos on WW are about 18 years apart! the top one is my two sisters and the other is my nephew (belonging to kid not on slide!) i took that photo on monday and yes i was right in there! It was so much fun!
  • Also i gave a shout out to my one of blog buddies,Vic , who had been feeling a bit blog depressed, which will never do! as i love her blog!
  • My first PPP! still not sure about these yet, but i thought i did quite well!
  • Nearly forgot to mention (Ok i did and have just added it now, thanks skittles!), I have been critiqued! Check it out at Critique My Blog!

So that's what has been, what is to come!
  • Well tomorrow is Thursday so its TT, the first with the new owners. I am not sure what i am doing yet.
  • Friday Feast, then that night i am off to see some live music.
  • Saturday Photo Hunt (new scanner will come in handy again!)
  • Counselling homework and some general information about counselling theories and practice. (makes me sound clever!)
  • Hiking!!!!
  • Mick's Birthday!!!!!!!!


  1. Just wondered Claire; when do you get time to fit in eating, sleeping and breathing!!

  2. Poor me... didn't win the card at Quiltie's and missed this too!


  3. Hey Ruth, i work on venutian time, 37 hours in the day!!!

    Hey Kai, maybe next time!!! try harder!

  4. You left out being critiqued :)

  5. OOPs have corrected that, thank you Skittles.

    My super thanks Tomcat xx

  6. {{{HUGS}}} just for being you!

  7. Cheers Ruth!!!!!!! Glad to know you are feeling better today!

  8. there are so many wonderful places to hike where you live that I can see why you are so enthusiastic about it. Yes I read your critique and a well deserved one I might add.

    As always a pleasure to stop on by and say hello and see what is going on in your world...


  9. Read your critique and thought the chap was, what do you Brits say, spot on?!!

    And I agree with Smalltown RN, there seem to be so many great places to hike where you are! Ask my daughter about the hike she has to make up and down our hills going to and from school!

  10. Yay me! hehe Congrats on the milestone!

  11. Thank you kindly small town and for taking the time to read my critique.

    Ta very much like Linda! spot on is indeed spot on.

    Hey tnchick, you must be so proud! Thanks for the visit!