28 Feb 2007

Thursday Thirteen:Number 8

Thirteen Things about Me and what i want!
This is in no particular order, some funny and some not.
Welcome back TT, although you never really left us!
I sincerely hope Carol and Beth have a great time with it.
  1. Digital Camera, i really really want one! Too take photos of hiking, nephews, general stuff for blog and of course when i eventually go travelling!
  2. Dictaphone, Why one of these? well for my counselling studies i need to record practice counselling sessions.
  3. World Peace! who doesn't!
  4. Travel the world!! So i can visit all my blog friends, volunteer in Africa, walk the Great Wall of China etc!!
  5. Someone Tall, Dark and Handsome!
  6. Finish my counselling diploma, only two years left! Then i can get out there and start helping!
  7. My other nipple pierced (If you read this you where paying attention! i don't really!)
  8. I know i go on about it, but yes More Hiking!!!
  9. A gorgeous bridesmaid outfit for friends wedding next year, i do not want to be a minger!
  10. For people to love my blog!
  11. My mum to keep on getting better.
  12. For certain special friends lives to just be a bit easier on them.
  13. For once be able to change things, even though you know you cant.

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  1. Good luck on reaching all those goals, nipple piercing shudder LOL
    Happy Thursday.

  2. My English is still to basic to play T13 (It should be TORsday 13).

    But here is some clues regarding your comment to my WW post:

    Go to this site, choose your preferred language, and follow the instructions for maps and information.

  3. Hey wendy wings sorry for the shudder!

    Toraa, i think your english is excellent! I cant comment on your site at the moment as those with word verification are creating problems for me! I have followed the link and its a gorgeous place!! will try again to comment on you site later!
    You should have a go of TT!

  4. Yes! who doesn't want world peace? Shocks! Nipples being pierced? Ouch!
    My T13 is up too.

  5. I would love to travel the world too. Hopefully one day!

  6. Get the digital will love it.

  7. What's a minger? Get that camera and travel.

  8. I want to travel more. I don't want any part of me piereced.

  9. Ummmm... you didn't mention coming to Canada anywhere on that list? An oversight, I'm sure :-)

    Not that I want to fall for one of your jokes again (lol) but what's a minger?

  10. I have someone tall , dark and handsome and its great!

  11. Would you also like a box to keep all your exclamation marks in? ;-p

    Piercings :-O Not good with pain me.

    Good luck with your list Claire :-)

    Kai: Canada from the UK is V expensive, otherwise I for one would have visited a long time ago... Are you going to make it Claire?

    Minger=Celine Dion ;-)

  12. I have to admit, the piercing got me off guard, shame on you. Great list, do you need help getting that camera? Great list.

  13. No problems with "for people to love my blog"....hope as many of the rest come true as possible.

  14. Hey F'Child, Nipple piercing is ouch!

    Hey V'mom, i will travel the world, even if it kills me.

    Hey E'H'Teacher, i am working on it.

    Hey Bankerchick, i will put the definition of minger up on the next 'Happy 1oo' Post

    Hey John, i just wish i was qualified already so i could start earning the serious bucks that i need to get started with world travel.

    Hey Kai, i said i wanted to visit Blog Friends!!!!!! guess where they live? will provide minger definition soon!

    Hey Chris!!! suck on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is painful. but i am a nice girl honest!
    Celin Dion=Minger lol.

    Hey sgt dub, me catching a soldier off guard?hehehe. I am working on ways to create revenue for camera. Winning the lottery would be great, but it's nice earning it, that's the kind of gal i am. I will have to visit you when i am on my travels (not where you are now!when you are home)

    Hey Ruth,The last few i want the most. Thanks for loving my blog xxx

  15. come on, a nipple ring cant hurt that much (said by the guy who has no piercings)

    Get a digital camera. The Kodaks are great and worth the $. Nice wishes for your friends and families.

  16. Hey Red, no fair!

    Hey S'duck, oh it can! and your a guy, its different. Thanks for the visit.

  17. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, huh?

    Stay away from the Tour Manager!!! *grin* (he's definitely tall and handsome, but dark? Not so much. But he's mine.)

    I want to tour the world, too. Too bad we can't just up and go together.

  18. Lol, Susan. We will have to meet up in Africa or Asia!

  19. I'm waiting for the minger definition too...clueless!

  20. Tall, dark & handsome wouldn't be bad :-)

  21. We DO love your blog! :)
    Great list. I have a digital camera and I wouldn't trade mine for the world. I love it.

    I'm up...better late than never.

    Have a good Thursday (what's left of it).

  22. This is my first time here, and I'll be back.
    I love to Hike, and I love my digital camara.
    Have a great Thursday!

  23. Since I have my digital camera I need it wherever I go, just like my glasses lol !

  24. Good luck in getting those.

    Glad you like Peter Kay. - "Genius"

  25. A reasonable list, hope you figure out how to get them all. . . 'cause most of us haven't figured it out yet. My digital camera goes with me everywhere.

  26. Thanks for taking part in iMonster tag & pleased you got tot sit down for a while x x x

  27. Cheers guys! hope any newbies come back.
    Yes shaz i managed to sit down and enjoyed listening to my tunes!