16 Feb 2007

I am back!!!

Hooray i wake this morning and the red light has stopped flashing!!!!
This red light is on my live box modem and i was beginning to think it was an evil cylon!
Still have no idea why i couldn't have the Internet for a week! i was very sad and beginning to hate my computer, but it wasn't its fault. Stupid Internet Providers!!!
It also highlights how Internet dependent i am! I couldn't speak to any of my friends, no checking my bank, no nothing! Whats worse is my dad couldn't play his online chess and had to forfeit several games, he is not a happy bunny!
I have just finished reading all the comments you left for me and i loved them!
The aliens didn't get me this time, i always wear a tin foil hat!
Anon please show yourself and explain more about the worm testicles!
Also i wasn't in Jail! (Ryan!)

OK i better do my TT now! as i have only just made it onto the blogroll.
Then i will have to get blog surfing!


  1. Can't get the Peters & Lee record "WELCOME HOME" out of my head! old and sad am I...LOL

  2. claire-

    I'm so happy you've emerged from your forced isolation safe, happy, and well!

    I was beginning to become afraid that my next order would be to round up more... gulp... worm testicles... eeeewwwww.


  3. Oh bugger.. Thought you would have a fun jail-house story for us...

    Glad you're ok! :)

    Cheers my friend.


  5. Yay!

    Internet isolation is a terrible thing. A whole week? I couldn't have stood it, I'm glad I've got a wireless router, I would have 'borrowed' next doors internet ;-)

  6. You were gone? Gee, I hadn't noticed! LOL!

    Glad you're alive and kicking!

  7. Naughty Claire!! I'm amazed you didn't march into your ISP abd DEMAND in the most non-assertive terms possible that they're taking their lives in their hands to mess with an Internet-deprived redhead. ;-)

    Seriously, welcome back!! Bet your mailbox was full! :-)

  8. Let's just say that anon also wrote the comment before.


  10. Search Party debrief . . . . good one troops, we pulled it off. safe return by any means = a succesful mission accomplished

  11. Just making sure you've not disappeared again!

  12. Ruth you are neither sad or old!

    Hey w.o.v i am sorry to put you through the trauma of worm testicles, they didn't taste nice!lol!

    Hey Ryan, Oh Bugger (love it, a true brit comment!) sorry i didn't have something more fun for you!

    Skittles woo hooooo!!!!

    Chris it wasn't nice at all!!! I was on my way to my local computer shop to ask for such a device!

    Yes Gene i am back! and alive and kicking sort of?lol!

    Thanks curmy!

    Tomcat if i could of got my hands on them it wouldn't of been pretty!
    It was indeed full! alas mainly spam!some good stuff though!

    Hey C'W'Mom i fought my way back!

    Ruth you funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That really really tickled me!

    Hey anon, no more testicles for you!

    Shaz thank you kindly for the search party!!! I heard the voices and stayed away from the bright light! they can keep their probes!

    Ruth i am still here! love the flower!