16 Feb 2007

Thursday Thirteen:Number 6

Thirteen Things about Claire

This week is a bit of a rush! its Friday already but Internet has just come back on!
13 reasons why i need the Internet!
1. Internet Banking. I can always find out what i haven't got!
2. Mobile Phone account. I can always find out that i have sent far too many texts!
3. Internet food shopping. My dad hates going supermarket, so without this we would starve!
4. Blogging!!! without this i would go mad (this week has proven it!)
5. Email. I use this far more than texts now, as most friends are working on or near computers (its free)
6. Research for counselling homework. If i don't know something, i like to be able to Google my way to a better understanding!
7. Hiking. Internet for hiking? yes i use the Internet to look for good places to go and be able to check the weather!
8. Recipes. If i cant find a recipe in one of my cook books, i turn to the Internet!
9. Internet shopping. I always use the Internet to check out prices for birthday and Christmas presents. I love a bargain!
10.Internet shopping again! This time for flights, coach and train tickets! also being able to check whether flights are running and on time!
11. Fantasy football and other online games!
12. My dads Chess, he would go mad without it!
13. Blogging again! Because of the great friends i have made so far! I love ya!

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  2. I reckon the internet should win a prize, it is so great ;)

  3. Hooray for the internet! I love it and, like you, find it very hard when it isn't there. We had no cable for (gasp) three days last week! No TV, no internet...I thought I was going to go mad! Very glad you're back online :)

    Happy TT! Jessica

  4. yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    I missed you!

  5. Man, I try to remember the days of no Internet (or computer, really) and it just seems so long ago, so strange.

  6. We all breathe a collective sigh of relief at your return...

    Bout friggin time...


    Glad you are back. Don't do that to us again!!!


  8. well then, there you are. finally, cause i was getting sick to death of coming here every ten minutes and seeing that same don't panic post. i was freaking out for freaking sake girl! yeesh. now get a grip and find a backup source in case this ever happens again because i get used to something like coming here every day and then, bam, poof, gone, and see i don't like that. now get crackin' and entertain me, you hear! (translation from old to normal: nice to have you back honey. i missed you.)

    smiles, bee

  9. Wooo Hooo!! Is that fantasy football your football or our football?

  10. You cant have enough blogging friends! What a great list..loved it

  11. OHMYGOSH, I'm so glad you're back!!!!

    I was about to go MAD! ;)

    Great list.

  12. Looks like my cunning rescue plan worked . . . well done faithfuk crew. & a BIG thank goodness you are back from me (and what looks like a true telling off from Bee!!)

  13. Ruth its good to be back!

    Hey Fence the internet is getting a big kiss off me!lol!

    Hey Rock Chick, no tv or internet! thats horrible!!

    Missed you too Mags!!

    Hey Angela it was strange indeed without it, i don't know how anybody can manage without it.

    Scouts Honour Ryan! i wouldn't last that amount of time again!

    Cheers Skittles! i sure did miss you and everyone else!

    I promise E'bee, the day isn't the same without a strong dose of you!

    Tomcat yours is American football, ours is football! so i mean football!

    Cheers Amy, i am so glad to have the internet back!

    Cheers Crazy, looks like i was back just in time!

    Cheers Shaz! your efforts where greatly appreciated!!!!! Yes E'bee always tell me off when i deserve it!

  14. Hooray, it is about time, we missed you.

  15. SO GLAD you're back!! Good 13 :-)

  16. Glad to see you're back and that everything is good. Not having the internet sucks, still yesterday was one of those that everything I did online went wrong, so I was almost ready to cut it off. I ended up just leaving it alone and going off to read for the rest of the day. Some days it's better not to get out of bed.

  17. You mean the kind where the game serves as in interlude between the riots in the stands? ;-)

  18. great list, I might have to make my own LOL