18 Feb 2007

Lacksidaisical Blogger

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
Douglas Adams
English humorist & science fiction novelist (1952 - 2001)
After a prolonged absence from blogging (a whole week!), its time to get back to more substantial blogging. Otherwise i feel the wrath of my more prolific blog buddies bursting through my computer screen!
So what have i been up to? Well i conquered Hike number 3, which was a lovely walk in Wales, no pictures yet as they are yet again on my friends camera (i really need to get my own!).
After that i came down with the dreaded blog disease and fought through tons of phlegm only to find Internet down for a week. What did i do during this dark and dismal time, well i did the ironing pile of doom! cleared out the room of doom(otherwise known as my sisters old room, now general dumping room), so that generated loads of stuff for her to pick up on next visit and stuff for loft of doom! Yes there is lot of doom (doom code for crap!).
On valentines i went out with some old college mates (college here is age 16-18ish), to Liverpool Beer Festival to sample some fine ales, ciders and perry. Unfortunately i hadn't eaten and was still suffering from blog disease, this equaled me being very drunk! was not a good thing and something i will not be doing again (well not that drunk anyway!). I did sample some nice beer though.
Day after beer drinking was lost to me! Then at last the Internet was returned to me, woo hoo! So i then spent a considerable time reading all my comments and possible theories on my absence. Its nice to know it was a toss up between Alien abduction (reason for worm testicles!) and being locked up by the police! Then off i went blog lurking on all my favourites to see how you had all coped without me. I was shocked to find out you had all managed to carry on!lol.
I also received a million tons of spam emails (was it you Chris?)
Hey and as i am writing this, i am feeling the wrath!
So where was i? Ah yes, yesterday i went on Hike 4, this time i conquered one of the three peaks in Yorkshire, but yet again photos trapped on mates camera! so will post them as soon as possible! My toes are slightly blistered and legs ache! also still full of phlegm! but i have pushed through the pain to blog!

Up and Coming!
  • Photos of Hike 3 and 4 (maybe 5&6 as well by the time i get round to it!).
  • Gardening Challenge suffers same problem as hike photos (no camera of my own!), but i am happy to report that 6 out of 6 herbs have sprouted!
  • Counselling homework will appear some time tonight. It will be on counselling contracts, so brains in gear please!
  • Manic Monday and other memes!!!


  1. So glad your back! I can't wait for the Up and Coming!

  2. Claire, we did manage to carry on, but it was painful and lonely. Definitely glad you are back. I have a digital camera now, but am wanting to upgrade. Good luck on getting one for yourself.

  3. More accusations of spam! I don't know, I visited every day when you weren't here, and see what I get!

    I want my money back!!! Oh...

    On the money & camera front Claire, you may want to consider the paid posting thing. In 6 days with PPP I'm up to $150 (£75). I know you may be against it, but I'd be happy to see paid posts on your blog, if it's going to the 'Get Claire a digi camera fund' or anything else for that matter!

    Anyway, enough moaning about aches, pains and the demon drink, get blogging! :-P

  4. Hey Chris that's good money maybe Claire you should think about it.
    Claire my camera's a little Nikon Coolpix...was on special at Argos last year so had a preChristmas doesn't take as good photos as some of the great ones I see when I'm blog surfing but easy to use for quick snaps. Make sure you pop over to Million Stories Mick & I are donating 50p per comment (up to £25) to Talj's charity run.

  5. So am i Erika!

    Hey sgt dub, thanks for that! i have been pointed in the direction for my camera!

    Lol chris! I have considered your suggestion and decided yes i will give it a go! i am blogging!

    Hey Ruth, i thought yes its worth a try! I have been over and commented, so open up your purse!

    Thanks tish! i better stop calling you crazy!

  6. Glad to have you back - finally! Now that you're done gadding about the countryside I expect to see some serious postings over here posthaste! Or whenever you can get around to it ... hopefully soon! Please??

  7. Cheers Linda! I am working on my next two posts right now!

  8. Sporadic I can forgive but not lacksidaisical! . . . . That's just NOT ON!

    Get posting, I have too many other withdrawals to think about! But thank you for your support x x x x

  9. Glad you had a good hike. I have been away myself so just checking on everyone today. I have my new computer now so there was so many things to install and to learn. Look forward to your posts

  10. I am sorry shaz! i should be here in your time of need!

    Hey vic, i hope your computer works well and you have no nightmares with it! Don't forget to pass on any new tricks.

  11. well thanks for all the snot updates claire! you funny girl....

    smiles, bee

    (oh goody, she's back! she's back!)

  12. I presume you mean funny ha ha, not funny in the head?
    If i had a camera i would have kept a photo phlegm diary!lol!

    Love ya!

  13. Claire, have you ever been accused of putting two pounds of [indert appropriate substance] in a one pound bag? ;-)

  14. Ok you will have to explain this to me tomcat! are you implying that i have chasing the dragon? flying with the space unicorns?

  15. Ok you will have to explain those to me , Claire. Did you infer that I implied that your plate is too full? :-)

  16. Ok tomcat you have really really confused me now!
    in this comment:
    Claire, have you ever been accused of putting two pounds of [indert appropriate substance] in a one pound bag? ;-)
    Are you implying i have been stealing or taking drugs (in a joking manner, of course!lol)

  17. No.... 'Two pounds in a one pound bag' means taking on more to do that you have time to handle. Ah, the joys of being separated by a common language. ;-)

  18. {wonders if there'e blonde under all that red!!} ;-)