19 Feb 2007

Counselling Homework, Activity Four

Hello Students! welcome to Activity Four of your counselling course (remember its mine as well!)

Develop a 'counseling contract' for your counselling service. Remember back to Activity 3 when we created a voluntary counselling service.

Include the following:
a) Clarify with clients their understanding and expectations of counselling.

b) Identify and agree the boundaries of the working relationship
i.e. time, competence of counsellor, code of practice, confidentiality.

As always please think about what you would like if you where a client and tap into personal experience if you like.


  1. One aspect of #1 would be confidentiality. If a group, that's both why. What happens in group stays there.

  2. Make that both WAYS. (I started hopping with the other end of the alphabet today. That makes you last. :-( )

  3. Hard one this; I think whatever the answers are HONESTY & INTEGRITY are important.
    p.s. Got the first 50 comments up!

  4. Ugh I have to have a meeting with disagreeing roomates next week... this reminds me of it :-/

  5. Tomcat!you made me last, shame on you! I think you will be able to help more when you see my go at this.

    Yes Ruth this is hard! i think it will become clearer when you see my go at this and then you can tell me what you think.

    Poor you Erika! is that where you have to draw up an agreement? that does not sound fun!

  6. Well, Claire, today I began with the A's so you're first. I think you are right. This one lends more to critique that initial suggestion, but I'll try another anyway.

    If clients become discouraged they tend to miss appointments. To keep them on track, as well as conserve your time, clients should contract to pay for missed appointments unless they notify you 24 hours in advance.

  7. Hey tomcat i am glad you got your priorities right this time.
    I am looking forward to you checking mine out.
    Thats a great one!

  8. Well, today you were last, but I got your note so you're first. ;-)