19 Feb 2007

Manic Monday: Number 4's Theme is Celebrate!

First of all i have to start with
He is 40 today and the creator of this Manic Monday thang!
So click his face and go and say Happy Birthday at his

So i suppose that's all i have to do for this weeks theme of Celebrate!
But that would be Lazy so i thought i would find out what strange events are celebrated here in the UK in February. Also a bit about the month that is February!

February was called Sol-monath by the Anglo Saxons, which means cake month! This was because cakes were offered to the Gods.
On February 2nd it is Candlemas (The christian festival of lights). This ancient festival marks the midpoint of winter, halfway between the shortest day and the spring equinox.

  • Forty Shilling Day, Wotton, near Dorking, Surrey
  • Blessing the Throats, St Ethelreda, London. Two candles are tied together, lit, and touched on to the necks of people suffering from sore throats.
  • Hurling the Silver Ball, St Ives Cornwall. (First Monday after Candlemas (2nd) This traditional event is held annually on Feast Monday. The silver ball is thrown from the wall of the parish church by the mayor into the waiting crowd, then passed from one to another on the beaches and through the streets of the town. The person holding the silver ball at 12.00pm takes it to the mayor at the Guildhall.
Information found here!


  1. oh happy birthday to mo!!! let's all celebrate!!!

    smiles, bee

  2. No more celebrating for me, its bed time!
    Back in the morning! well its 2.30 am now so i mean back when i wake up!

  3. Man, I needed that sore throat candle thing last week when my throat was sore! *LOL*

    Great post. Come "celebrate" with me when ya get outta bed!
    Sleep tight!

  4. My body may be on Pacific Standard Time, but the blog is on Greenwich Mean so do drop by and celebrate.

    Love the British holidays. Doesn't anyone make pancakes for Shrove Tuesday?

  5. certainly glad I don't have a sore throat!

  6. I was going to mention Pancake day but see jamie got there first. Off to wish mo happy birthday now.

  7. Hey, any month named after cake can't be bad. That's a good reason to celebrate and eat some cake.

  8. Thanks, Claire!
    I got a big laugh out of "click on his face"!!!
    And is it okay to giggle whenever I hear "Dorking, Surrey" ??

    Toodle pip,

  9. thanks for sharing the fun UK info! love the blessing of the throats.

  10. Hey tish, i could still do with the candle thing now!

    Hey Jamie i forgot to 'strange' in the posts! Yes we will be doing pancakes tomorrow!

    Lol, it would depend on how sore it was!

    Hey ruth, yes i will be doing pancakes with the beavers!

    Hey skittles, wish i wasn't healthy eating!!!

    Sarge! i am doing my best, honest.

    Hey john, i will have to make some healthy cakes now.

    Hey Mo! i thought you would get a laugh out of that! nobody else picked up on it! Yes feel free to giggle at Dorking, its nowhere near me!

    Hey Ruth, its cool isn't it! it was inspired by worm testicles!lol! just click on it to get your own!

    Hey Lisa, we are not all like that!lol! Thanks for the visit.

    Toodle Pip!

  11. Cake Month? Well then that's a great reason to actually start liking February!

  12. Hey, I want to play 'Hurling Ball' - it sounds like FUN!!! Great UK celebration info - thanks :)

  13. Cake month??? I love CAKE!! I must now move to the UK.

    Great take on celebrate.

  14. Yes linda the Anglo Saxons said so!

    Hey Heather i think it would depend on how heavy it was!

    Hey travis, remember its only cake month in February so you could just come for a holiday.

  15. I never met a cake I didn't like (unfortunately, lol). Great post, very interesting read. Thanks for dropping in at my place and leaving a comment, Claire.

    There's a celebratory party on my blog and everyone is invited.

  16. Very interesting ! I didn't know that. I think I got it all wrong, I didn't understand what Morgans birthday had to do with MM ! So I wrote something completely different, but at least I have put my wishes in his comments !

  17. Lol imma (alice). Thanks for visiting me.

    Hey Gattina, you didn't get wrong at all, i loved your post.