8 Feb 2007

Counselling Words

Thirteen Things about Counselling Words

Words used in Counselling. I have picked words that are used in my course that help the counsellor learn how to be effective. Also i thought this would be helpful to those that play along with my counselling homework.

1.Empathy, how affective you are as a counsellor is sometimes reflected by how empathic you are.Meaning of Empathy If you are interested in learning a wee bit more about empathy follow the link to my homework click here
2.Congruence: Being Real or Genuine. This ones a bit harder to explain, so apologies if i make a mess of it!basically put, you must be genuine with your client, you would lose their trust and respect if they sensed that you were not being. If you as the counsellor are being open and honest, the client will also feel safe in doing this. Congruence case study and my answers to it My answers
3.Immediacy, this can be described as recognising what is happening here and now between us e.g. "You seem to be finding it difficult to talk about your relationship with your partner. I wonder if you feel I won't believe you either'. This is only used when you have built up a relationship with your client and then only when it is appropriate as it is a challenging statement.
4.Active listening. This means that you have to pay attention to all the signals given off by a person not only the SOUNDS but using your sight to pick up the NON-VERBAL signals.
5.Clarifying. This is when you seek clarification of your understanding of the client's world, this will help the client feel that you are really trying to understand where they are coming from.
6.Summarising. This is the ability to summarise the clients thoughts and feelings from their perspective. This also shows that you have been listening and trying to understand where they are coming from.
7.Leakage. Not the nicest sounding word! This is when the information we give out to others at a conscious level is contradicted by unintentionally 'leaked' messages. For example, if our mouth is smiling but our eyes are not.
8.Personal/Self Development. Very important in the world of counselling and in fact for everyone. As a counsellor(or student in counselling like me) its essential to constantly work on it. See here for more info! click here
9.Concreteness. This is the quality which enables us to put the feelings and ideas of the client into words which are vague or abstract.
10.Unconditional Positive Regard. This means being able to accept the client we are helping as a wholly worthwhile human being. This doesn't mean accepting their behaviour, but rather viewing them as a human being equal to all other human beings.
11.Referral. When you feel that you have reached your personal or professional limits, you have to decide what to do. This usually means referring the client onto somebody who is better able to help them.
12.Endings. Counselling is a contractual relationship and the ending usually takes place when the client has achieved what they set out to. Endings happen all throughout your life check out my Homework and then My answers
13.What words do you think of when you think about counselling?


  1. *LOL* Laughing so hard at Leakage...I was about to post about my leakage, from this darned antibiotic. Great TT!

  2. hmm.. what words do I think of when I think about counseling...


    When I was like 14 or 15, my parents sent me to speak with a counseling to work out some "respect issues" (we didn't get along too well then) and the counselor told me that everything we talked about was strickly confidential and that unless I told him otherwise, he would never share anything with my parents.. WRONG. He told them everything, and they even repeated thing I told him verbatim.. Not a good time...

    BTW, this has no bearing on how I feel about the profession, just that like any profession, there are good counselors and bad ones...


  3. I'm not sure what I think about counceling in general. I'm not a person who likes to talk about my problems and I can usually figure out my own answers. I'd have to say it's probably not for me.

    Very interesting list, though. It's interesting to have some insight and examples of some of these words.

    Happy TT Jessica

  4. Very interesting list, thanks for sharing.
    My TT is about types of support this week.

  5. Hey crazy! sorry to hear about your leakage!

    Hey Ryan, I have to say that is awful, a total lack of respect on that counselors part. I was a somewhat difficult 14 year old and i dont think i would of handled that at all well! Thats the reason why i posed that last question because as a counsellor in training you have to be aware that some people will bring past bad experiences or opinions of counselling. So a big thank you for your comment!

    Hey Rock Chick, thanks for the visit and comment. Everybody is a counsellor in their own way, everytime a friend or family member talks to you about something difficult, i am sure you will use one of these skills.

    Hey Tink thanks for the visit, will be over to check yours out.

  6. Wow- sounds like alot of work. Actually, sounds like more of us should apply each to our own lives. We'ld probably all be better friends to others.
    Mine's up- And way less thought-provoking.

  7. Oh cool...thanks for sharing a little bit of the counselling jargon. I like #10.

    My 13 is up.

  8. You know.. I was sent to a counselor once who after two visits told me I was better than she was at knowing what I should do for myself and I was sent somewhere else.

    When I think of counseling I think of having to set goals (which I hate), not REALLY being listened to.. I could go on and on :)

  9. I think these 13 words could be a lesson to us all not just for counsellors.....a great post and hope you're recovering well.

  10. I find your list interesting. you have some good words listed.

    Not sure what I think about counseling. I don't like to talk about my problems with others. My Knight and I have a wonderful relationship, so he's the one I share with.

    Faith keeps me going. I know that God has a plan. I just need to continue to trust in Him.

  11. An interesting list and it also makes sense. I don't usually think about counseling for myself. I'd probably drive them batty.

  12. hi honey, glad you are feeling better, sigh, sick sucks. so many blogs i visit have the flu! so glad you can't catch it through the blogesphere, cause i am a germophobe for sure...

    smiles, bee

  13. Great list. I love learning new things and on your blog I'm always learing something.

    When I think of counseling I think of helping others.

  14. Oh wow, thanks for sharing these tips with us! I definitely learn something here and I don't think it applies to only counsellors alone.

    When I think of counselling, oddly enough I think of the first word you already have mentioned: empathy. I think that's the most important thing. =)

  15. Very good list Claire, scares me when you're sensible ;-)

    I think you've got to be a special kind of person to be a counselor, and it's certainly not something I could do.

    Keep up the good work :-)

  16. ok, it looks like it's up to me then, what word comes to mind when I think of counseling:
    Bill, usually follows the Ending, where you settle up with the receptionist. Just kidding of course.

  17. I'm sorry I didn't get here to your TT sooner Claire...

    Hope the one day extra is finding you feeling a bit better! ;)

  18. Hey Claire,
    great TT. Very inspiring.
    Thank you for your email by the way and sorry I did not reply but if you read my TT you'll know why... :-)
    Happy late TT!

  19. Great list - well explained!

  20. Okay, it's Saturday, but I loved this list so much that I had to comment.

    As a person who went through training to be a social worker---I'm now a teacher---this brought back a good deal of memories. Thanks

  21. Thats a neat list! I enjoyed reading all of the words! I found this very interesting!

  22. i wanted to stop by and welcome you to the blogroll!!

  23. Thanks for all the comments! And great apologies if i didn't make it to your blogs this TT. If you came back you will know that i was internetless for a whole week! I will try to get to yours for last week and this weeks!
    I am glad you liked this weeks one and it certainly helps me think about some do's and dont's for when i qualify (still 2 years left so i have lots of time to work on it!) although i will be doing counselling before i get my accreditation.
    Feel to wade in with insight on any of my posts!