17 Feb 2007


Juts in case you get worried!
I am going to bed now, its 01.22 am! I have my tin foil hat on and a bag of worm testicles by the bed.
Plans for tomo (Saturday), I am off hiking again! This time to West Yorkshire and its going to be raining and then a bit more rain! But it should still be a good stretch of the legs and well deserved punishment for excessive beer drinking on Wednesday!
So i will post again tomo, not sure what time though!


  1. Oh no she's leaving us again! Well do have a good hike and don't forget to come back soon!

  2. The problem with worm testicles is that the deli has difficulty keeping them stocked. Sure, they have all the pastrami and salami in the world, but as for worm testicles or cockroach mucous (domestic) and forget it. Excuses. Excuses.

  3. Have a good hike but don't wear yourself out too some blogenergy.

  4. you have - what - by the bed? honey are you feeling okay? sigh... give a girl a few days off from blogging and the next thing you know she wearing a tin foil hat and neutering worms...

    smiles, bee

  5. I love tin foil hats, I just haven't posted the picture of me wearing it yet, but you if show me yours, I'll show you mine. hehe hat that is, not worm...well you know.

  6. Beer drinking again Claire? be careful! LOL!

  7. worm testicles, all the time i thought the reproduced by breaking apart..........

    New rule: Blog before you walk....

  8. Claire, could you elucidate us on your headwear and diet? Did all those days without Internet make your poor brain go Ptuifffffffffffffphyyt!!??

  9. Hope your feet aren't feeling too bad after your hike!

  10. You lied! It's Sunday, and you didn't post!

    What, needy? Me?

    Hope you had a good one Claire, we're hopefully heading out on a leg stretcher tomorrow, so I may have some piccies of my own...

  11. Linda i wasn't gone for long this time! although my legs where left behind on the hills!

    LOL Stewart! Its all supply and demand.

    Ruth i am worn out! just enough energy to blog this!

    E'bee i will do anything necessary to stop the internet breaking again!

    Lol sgt dub, i would love to see yours! hat i mean, but i cant show you mine then they will find out!

    Gene it wasn't good!

    Hey Erika check out comments in Don't Panic post and then the worm thing should become clearer! i think?

    Sarge i leave at 7am for walking, but i should get a post ready the night before!

    Hey tomcat my brain has gone to mush! check out comments in Don't panic post for reasons for head gear and worm testicles! they are not for me!

    Ruth, feet are a wee bit blistered around the big toe area but not to serious! walking upstairs is painful though! It was worth it i think!

  12. Chris i know and i am sorry! This week without Internet has addled my brain!

  13. IC!! In fact I had seen, but that was a long time ago. I forgot!! :-)

  14. lol tomcat, was that a senior moment?