30 Mar 2007

Bad bad music!

My most recent Happy 100's winner Curmy has recently done a post on bad music and challenged us to find some bad bad music!
This music has to make you want to kill someone/yourself or stick something in your ears.
Well i have a particular knack for this! So this is my choice for the 70's

and more recently!


  1. Oh yes, you most definitely have a knack for finding some truly BAD music! Is that a Brit thing or is it just a Claire thing because, honey, you got it down pat!!

  2. Its a Claire thing! remember i think its Bad music too.

  3. Yeesh!

    Do I say well done? That's some bad music alright.

  4. I was going to suggest that most people off the early auditions for POP IDOL would do it, but you beat me to it with the Cheeky Girls!

  5. That is some bad music. I've seen the Shatner video a few times, the sad thing is he thinks he was doing a good job.

  6. Have you heard Pat Boone on his Metal Jacket album?
    It is so bad that it is funny. I would love to find a cheap copy to buy for my brother as a gag gift!
    Now I need to watch your music videos.

  7. Shatner is a man of 1000 contradictions -- starting with this: How does a nice Jewish boy from Montreal get to be the all-American ham?

    Thank goodness this didn't chart!

    But thank you... I think... for this interesting contribution....

  8. Oh those are priceless but William Shatner is so funny....I love the stuff he does now.....I didn't realize he was such a comedian back then .....great Canadian boy....

  9. I love that shatner clip.
    I am a Rock - et - man..
    Have you seen the take of this on FamilyGuy cartoon - the baby acts this all out. Great stuff.