30 Mar 2007

Happy 7000 visitors!

Welcome to the Happy 100's! I am your hostess Claire (look that's me there with the whip!)
I am not a happy bunny as for last few 100's i have had no one real to congratulate (or ritually humiliate) although there have been some folks that have tried real hard!
Thanks to a new widget stat thing that i will mention shortly, i have decided that Curmy! will be honorary Visitor 7000 as he was so close and he has been the most frequent visitor commenter.
Hmm what shall curmy's prize be? well he has a thing for White Socks, weird eh? So i thought a lifetimes supply of Virtual white socks would go down well. Do not wear them with black shoes though, that is not a good look.

How did i find out these stats? While over at Untwisted Vortex (RT's), he mentioned a site that he found whilst at MACBRO'S PLACE , he explains it much better than me so follow the link back to Macbro's place.

Up and Coming!
  • Saturday Photo Hunt: Theme Water. For previous hunts Saturday Photo Hunt
  • CounsellingHomework/Info.
  • A Big Fun Surprise Thing, which i hope you will all join in!


  1. Thanks, Claire, for the prize... but the socks thing... no, no... I'd been talking about White Sox baseball, not the foot coverings...

    I thought you were catching on a bit when I blogged about Middle Son's college baseball team... the mention of college boys seemed to catch your attention... but not enough, apparently....


  2. Oh, that's funny, guys.

    Claire, I stopped by to tell you that if I was keeping the 100s, you'd have hit a 100 milestone for the month on my blog. Figured you'd get a chuckle out of that.

    Now, back to giggling about the White Socks.

  3. OOOps how silly of me Curmy! did you mention college boys?lol!

    Hey Susan! what do i win? Backstage passes? at least he didn't get the undies.

    Cheers Tomcat.

  4. Hey that thing sounds pretty cool! I'll be off to check it out soon!

    White socks are a pretty nice virtual prize!!! You're getting soft in your old age! (hehe)

  5. Claire, first, let me say I do enjoy your new profile picture, you are very cute, love the blue eyes radiating out at us. Now, this looks like a pretty cool site, thank you, I'll check it out.
    have a great day.

  6. Hey Kai, Curmy is not a naughty lurker unlike you! so he deserved a less awful prize.
    Definitely check out clicky its well cool!

    Hey sgt dub, why thank you kind sir! Thats made my day.
    Its a very good site and you really get a feel for what people are checking out on your site.

  7. I'm getting a bit pissed off. I visit daily, I'm never the 100 th visitor & I'm not even the crumy visitor or the Lurker. How to piss off the natives Claire!!!!!

  8. Ugh. I'm missing out on prizes all over the blogosphere this week!

    Too little, too late, I guess.

    I'll have to try harder.