6 Mar 2007

Bridesmaid Challenge

I have been picked to be a bridesmaid. This is a lovely thing for most people but for me, i have some concerns!
The bride to be Emma has asked me and younger sister Heather to be bridesmaids. Emma was originally just Heather's friend but now we are all friends.
My main concerns are having photos took and what the heck will i have to wear!
This is were you lot come in, the colour theme has been chosen as 'White and Gold', with the bridesmaids wearing gold. So how can you help? Thankfully me and Heather get to pick our own dresses as long as we stick to the theme 'gold', so i thought it would be fun if you help me decide what dress to pick!
The wedding is not till June 6th 2008, so we have plenty of time.
Please stop me from ending up like the picture above!


  1. Dear God, I though that pic was you for a moment [shudder].

    Hmm, not too heavy on the gold I think.... And no, I'm not wearing it for charity either!

  2. OMG! just don't go dieting as much as the bridesmaid in the picture. My advise . . . take expert advise!

  3. Ummmm..... suntan oil until you are a lusterous shade of gold. ;-)

  4. What about like in the Goldfinger paint!

  5. Chris, just no! and definitely not to heavy ob the gold.

    Thanks shaz, i will take expert advice too, but if i get it down to two or three dresses would like unbiased opinion.

    it will be fake tan all the way for very fair skinned me!

    Ruth, i think the bride would have a problem with that.

  6. Even I know that if you have to have bows, they belong on the back of the dress.

    I suggest something tasefully off the shoulders, not too deeply cut down the back, well tailored with a decorous slit showing a touch of leg.

  7. I just sent you my top choice for a gold bridesmaid dress. It has a matching headpiece so you'll look FAB!


  8. Hey Travis me thinks you know too much! Thanks for the advice so far, i cant wait for you to see Mo's suggestion!

    Hey Mo, lets see what the viewers think on the next update when i post the pic!

  9. you are making this MUCH to complicated..

    Step 1: Go to your closet.

    Step 2: Select your favorite dress.

    Step 3: Get gold spraypaint from hardware store.

    Simple... :)

  10. ah crap, I'm late with my assesment. I did not see Ruths comment. Bollocks!!!