7 Mar 2007

Garden Challenge Advice for Karen

This is my mates new garden! She and Ste (the fella) have just bought their first house together and are garden novices. They are very eager and have very garden friendly parents ready to help. So any tips would be great! I will get her to supply some photo's as soon as possible.


  1. You'd know my garden'd be the one with all the dead plants. I have a straight up black thumb! LOL!

  2. We had a garden & as my WW pic shows did little with it other than let a Great dane ruin it. Now it's decked & paved I'm a bit of a "Pot" freak! Herbs, lots & lots of pots of herbs . . . .look good, some flower, grow like crazy & taste fab is my advice or flax or lavander (anything easy growing) x

  3. They may like to look at;

  4. Hey gene, who tends to the garden then?

    Hey shaz, i like the idea of pots too.

    Cheers Ruth will pass that on.