23 Mar 2007

Counselling Approaches

As promised i am going to introduce you to the different types of counselling that are out there. I myself was not aware that there were so many different methods and techniques, but hopefully after reading this latest lot of homework you and me both will be more informed and if you should ever need counselling in the future you will have a better idea about what will work for you.
Humanistic Approach: This includes Person centered, Gestalt Therapy
This time we will focus on a brief introduction to Person Centered Counselling
Who is this good for?
Low self esteem
Personal development
Emotional well being
Lack of self-confidence
Family difficulties

What are the Core Principles of Person Centered Counselling?
Self Concept.

If you are going to a Humanistic counsellor that specialises in Person Centred counselling, they will emphasise the importance of the 'self concept' - which is the way we perceive and define ourselves.

The importance of the ' Core Self', i know that sounds a bit deep or daft, but this is basically the mental image or perception that one has of oneself. Put it this way,
  • What do you know about yourself that you don't need anybody else to tell you? Try and use 'I am' words, like I am Strong, I am Clever etc
Or you can think of it like this.
  • Think of yourself on a desert island or in a jungle community, what would your role be?Hunter, Healer, Warrior etc.

This idea of yourself is believed to be with you from childhood, its your 'core self', but then as you grow 'Conditions of worth' surround your 'core self'.
Conditions of Worth are things people have said or done that affect the way that you think, feel and act.

Your Internal locus of evaluation: is how you value yourself from the inside, Can you look in the mirror and say to yourself 'I look Good' and believe it?
Your External locus of evaluation: is how much you need to be valued by others, Do you need someone else to tell you that you look good before you believe it? Do you need someone to tell you that you have done a good job, before you feel happy with it?

How did i do at explaining this?

What's coming next? As this is a large subject i will break it up into sections.
So the next section is Person centered counselling and the 'Actualising Tendency'


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  2. This is the one for me; got me dead to rights on all counts.
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  3. Cheers Awco.

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  4. Interesting and educational. Nicely done.

  5. Thanks Travis. It will get deeper as i learn more!

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  7. You explained it very well!!!

  8. Excellent, work Claire. The only suggestion I would give is to inclued a little explanation of level transactions in an equal-value relationship.

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    Hey Tomcat, explain? do you mean transactional analysis? if so i will be doing a post on that.

  10. Ok!! Cool. I thought you referred to the use of TA within the humanist school.

  11. Lorraine said excellent simplified way of explaining self actualisation.