24 Mar 2007

Weeked Update

Hello! its my nephew Ewan's eighth birthday today! isn't he gorgeous. We are going to play laser quest later on, wooo hooooo.

  • Mags Deserves congratulations for her awesome efforts this week, she is amazing.
  • Linda's hurt her back and her daughter Amanda isn't looking after her! go and say get well!
  • Stines little miracle boy isnt well Mothers Home
  • Skittles been having a hard time.
  • Empress Bee has been working flat out on our cruise.
  • Lucky Ryan has won the latest Happy 100s
I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far? I am off to bed now.


  1. He's such a cutie. Happy #8 Ewan! Hope he doesn't skunk you too bad in laser tag! :)

  2. Oh he's very handsome! (are you sure you two are related? hehe) Pretty cool hairdo too :-)

  3. And I got to go see a Bangles concert. :)

    Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy! I'm sure he'll have lots of fun playing laser tag.

  4. Lovely smile. Enjoy the laser quest.

  5. Happy Birthday Ewan. Laser Quest sounds like fun. Have fun.

  6. He looks smart, are you sure he's a relation? ;-)

    Must be national bad back week, me too!

  7. Happy Birthday Ewan. Have a great time at Lazer Quest.

  8. What a dapper little gent! Hope you all have lots of fun..

  9. He really is adorable!! What a cute little man...

    Thank you for the shout out! You are amazing too!

    (Tired now, I'll come back tomo to catch up...)

  10. man i need a cruise to recoup! sigh...

    smiles, bee

  11. he is a cutie! hope you had a great weekend Claire

  12. oh my goondenss.
    aren't we at wtb!? so sorry that we referred to your nephew as a five-year-old in our awards post.
    yes, we are sorry.
    for the record, none of us at wtb!? have any children whatsoever.
    so, it was anyone's guess, really.

    the point is...

    lord knows, the worst possible thing one can do to an oviously grown 8-year-old boy is refer to him as a 5-year-old.

    he is gorgeous!

  13. p.s.
    do apologies not count if you spell many words incorrectly?

    if that's the case, consider this my real apology.

    we are sorry about guessing the age wrong.
    and also about not being able to spell worth a damn.

  14. Claire - I love seeing photos of other bloggers family and especially of children. Sometimes I think (impractical as this would be) of having a blog where anyone could come on board and just post photos of their kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc and maybe even do little mini-tributes to the person. "Let me Introduce You" kind of thing. Oh well, just have to wait till this or that one decides to show what fam. members/close friends look like I guess.
    And yes indeed, Ewan is really a very, very handsome lad!

  15. Hey thanks for all the birthday wishes! we had a great time.
    Yes Chris we are related, i feel a post brewing!

    Laser quest is awesome, has everyone had a go? if not DO IT!

    I forgive you Tiffany, he is small for his age. although when i showed him the badge with 5 on, he was not impressed lol! I should of put how old he was anyways.

    Hey Jeni, i love seeing everyone else's families too, but i think some people don't like posting family photos. So yes we have to wait and see. I will try and post some more soon.