11 Mar 2007

Counselling Questions: Blind Spots

Welcome to another lesson with me (Claire). As you should know by now i am currently doing a counselling course, so i thought you might like to learn some things with me along the way.
Feel free to join in or ask any questions, i will try to help where i can!

As i am reaching the more practical side of my course, we are focusing on how the counsellor can help the client.
So these questions are the kind that you can help the clients ask themselves in order to develop new perspectives, change internal behaviour, and change external behaviour.
Questions To Uncover Blind Spots.
  • What problems am i avoiding?
  • What opportunities am i ignoring?
  • What's really going on?
  • What am i overlooking?
  • What do i refuse to see?
  • What don't i want to do?
  • What unverified assumptions am i making?
  • How am i being dishonest with myself?
  • What's underneath the rocks?
  • If others were honest with me what would they say to me?
Questions are from Gerard Egan The Skilled Helper p.198

As i have learnt so far, there are no quick fixes in fixing any problem and its a hard road to follow. Just doing this course i have felt emotionally drained, so i wont say that understand better (not yet anyway) but i have certainly started to listen more.


  1. I remember studying the "Skilled Helper" when I was in nursing school. It is very trying. It challenges you to look at your feeling and ensure you are not projecting them on your client. Yes we must seek to know ourselves before we can help others.

    Good luck with this one.

  2. To be honest...I'm glad you're doing the course and not me! You've really got to know yourself to answer these questions.

  3. As you can see from my "About Myself" comments, I have always thought about being a counselor. One guy that I saw for awhile told me I have a "Saviour" complex, for which I will always keep in my mind every time I want to help some one out!!! I have an alternate blog that I'm working on here and there, trying to work myself through the ins and outs of depression. Ick. I've thought it might be interesting to take a class just to monitor...Oh well. I've gotten to the point now, where I can hardly leave the house.
    Good luck!!!

  4. These are very significant questions that need to be reflected on. I think being a counsellor requires understanding and good insights. Good luck with your counselling course. I hope you'll do well in class. Take care!

  5. I forgot to thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comment. My husband and I would like to spend as much time as we can as a family so that when we look back over the years, we'll have many great memories to cherish.

  6. Claire, do you remember a long time ago, I told you that you would find the subject of "cherished beliefs" interesting? It looks like you have arrived there. This could be the greatest challenge that you will face as a counselor: how to help people when they refuse to let the facts interfere with what they choose to know.

  7. It's always fascinated me how people will be blind to the fact that the truth as they see it and reality are not always the same... we become so terrified that something might challenge our view of reality that we will actively work to deny its existence. I've always thought that this is why we are most impatient with those who demonstrate any character flaws that we have as well... they are an unpleasant reminder of those things we'd rather not admit about ourselves...

    Good luck with your journey!!


  8. just a quick note, i have read these and i will be coming back to it very soon.

  9. Let us know when, because it's getting pretty far down the list. :-)