11 Mar 2007

Happy 5200th Visitor!

Sorry no posts yesterday, i was wiped out after hiking. The hike yesterday was cool and i cant wait to get photo's from mates camera ( Hopefully will be getting one of my own soon!), i even scrambled up a waterfall.
Oh and i have updated Saturday Photo Hunt, hike 5 and 6 by putting links to more information on where the heck they are!

So who is my 5200th visitor? well its the normally lovely Kai, but unfortunately she has a large pimple today ( this is a joke, but she has a really cool tip for getting rid of the blighters)
So click on her link (not the face, that would be icky!) and say hello!

Up and Coming:
  • I will putting my counselling questions and answers up later, then if i have time i will put up some new ones.
  • A special Manic Monday!
  • Catching up on all my visitors.
  • Memes and more memes!


  1. I've come close on the 100's lately... like today... but not close enough.

    It's a great game.

  2. Oh curmy your special anyway!
    (but try harder!)

  3. Hmm. Wonder if your friend has a solution to the problem my fictional character Pam had last week? *grin*

    Can't wait to see the hike pictures!!!

  4. I won again?? WHOO HOO!!

    What a good artist you are - that's almost exactly what the damn thing looks like too! :-)

  5. Well done Kai! Looking forward to the photos Claire; I see the tortoise is up to 64 now! BTW the rice gizmo is a potatoe ricer sorta like a masher but different.

  6. Popped over to Kai's but for some reason I can't click onto any links there so couldn't leave a comment. That Canadian scenery is impressive!'ve got to make your £million and go there!

  7. You started blogging 4 days after me! Coincidence....

    Your recent photoshop exploits, are just one of the reasons I don't have a photo of myself on my blog...

  8. Lol . . Claire you are two cruel . . a girl after my own heart! I can't post comments on Kai's blog either anymore . . .come on Kai let us back in!

  9. It must have been a glitch when I tried to block Claire. (hehehe KIDDING)

    I really don't know the reason for it! I haven't messed with any settings, and just had two recent comments, so it must be ok now?

    Please try again :-)