11 Mar 2007

Counselling Questions: My answers

So these questions below are something that you may expect when you go for a counselling session, these are questions that the counsellor will encourage you to ask yourself.
They will help focus your mind on the subject or area in your in life that you want to change.
The key is to be really honest with yourself and realistic.
For me the biggest change going on in my life at this moment is this counselling course and where its going to take me. So i will apply the questions to that.
  • Am i ready for change in this area at this time?
  • Yes i am, simple answer but i really am.
  • How badly do i want what i say i want?
  • I really want to finish this course and go onto be a counsellor.
  • How hard am i willing to work?
  • Very Hard
  • To what degree am i choosing this goal freely?
  • I would have to say that originally i chose this course just to feel like i could tell people i was doing something with my life, but now i feel like its my goal.
  • How highly do i rate the personal appeal of this goal?
  • I rate this goal highly on a personal level, the sense of achievement it gives me is enormous.
  • How do i know i have the courage to work on this?
  • The courage is not needed to finish to course exactly, its more needed to help get through the obstacles that have stopped me before. So i think its the fact that i want this so much that will give me the courage.
  • Whats pushing me to choose this goal?
  • Ambition, personal pride, parental approval.
  • What incentives do i have for pursuing this change?
  • A career that will offer a lot, Earning Money.
  • What rewards can i expect if i work on this agenda?
  • Confidence in my abilities, sense of achievement.
  • If this is goal is being imposed by others, what am i doing to make it my own?
  • Although i initially started this course to make others feel better, by committing myself to doing it and participating in the classroom i have really claimed this goal as my own.
  • What difficulties am i experiencing in committing myself to this goal?
  • My own time keeping , Confidence, Family problems.
  • What can i do to get rid of lack of incentives and overcome the obstacles?
  • By talking about my concerns and lack of incentives, i tend to keep things to myself and turn things into bigger obstacles that they actually are.
  • What can i do to increase my commitment, and stay committed?
  • By keeping the incentives clear in my mind and by talking about how it could change my life.
  • In what ways can the goal be formulated to make it more appealing?
  • As i am talking about finishing a course i don't think anything could make it more appealing.
  • To what degree is the timing for pursuing this goal poor?
  • As always things can get in the way, for me my mum is still ill and that has an excuse for me before. Its easier to put other peoples problems first instead of concentrating on my own.
  • What resources can help me?
  • Counselling course, course tutor, fellow students, friends, family and most importantly myself.
These are not deep and meaningful answers, but i have tried to be honest.


  1. Good answers. I'm being sent on a 10 week Cognitive Behavioursl Therapy & Psychosocial Interventions course soon. If I post you my homework will you do it for me for a bag of sweeties?

  2. I'd like to suggest improvements, but I can find none.

  3. Hey Shaz that course sounds great, i will want a look at that homework.

    Thats a good thing isn't it tomcat?

  4. You'll do it. I am going to spend an afternoon reading your homework, it fascinates me after taking a child to counseling for years. Had I not been who I was in high school, I think I would have taken a similar path. . . but at 56, I will just rely on my blog and poetry and emails to do my part. You go girl.

  5. a great blog! it's nice to follow you on your journey to become a counsellor. i found out about your through blog-op.

    these questions are very useful. i offer a free goals report to prospective clients, with a bit of free feedback - i might incorporate some of these questions.