27 Mar 2007

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny? well Google Zeitgest says this is in the top ten of searches at the moment, so i thought i would disappoint somebody.

Feeling somewhat better today, but the phlegm is still here, i was going to post a picture but i thought best not.
Did everyone have a good weekend? I had a great time playing laser quest, in the first game i was best shot out of 16 but 4th over all in points. So i am glad all that stalking through the woods at night has paid off!lol! Sunday i just mooched around at sisters house, before returning home to the phlegm.
Yesterday i was wrecked, tired and very very grumpy!
Today is college and beavers day, so i have to be better whether i like it or not. Its worth it though, college as usual was fascinating, delved into a bit of Sigmund Freud.
Did you know that if you like to play with plasticine or clay, this means you really like to play with poo? hmmm i think i need more convincing on that one. I will post about the rest of it in my counselling homework soon.
At beavers tonight i am helping the vertically challenged design Easter cards.

Urgghh i have been tagged by Gene and Quiltnut.
i hate being tagged but i like both of them, so i will do it.
The tag is 7 songs i am liking at the moment.
  • Banquet, Bloc Party.
  • Amy whinehouse, Rehab.
  • Run to the hills, Iron Maiden.
  • Say it right , Nelly Furtado
  • Dada ft SandyRivera& Trix, Lollipop
  • Read my mind, Killers.
  • smack my bitch up, Prodigy.
I tag nobody, if you want to do it, Do It!

Other news, I came second in Monetize Monday, which is a great idea found here Critique My Blog! especially for those that use their blog to make a wee bit of pocket money.


  1. An eclectic musical choice..... ;-)

    Everyone I know has had this horrible phlegmy, sore throaty, headachy bug. Doesn't it know it's summer time now?

    If you really want to disappoint Google searchers, write a post about beavers....

  2. Beavers...Have you talked about this before? You probably have and since I'm fairly new I missed it. Here in the U.S. there are two types of Beavers...the little critters that build dams, and the other, well... Just checking.

    I hope you are feeling better. I don't like being tagged either. I get enough of that in my email. Have a great evening/night.

  3. Hey Chris, Me eclectic? never!
    I wish this phlegm would dissolve, although i am getting attached to some of the phlegm i keep coughing up.
    Hmmm a beaver post it will be.

    Hey Comedy, I will enlighten you on my Beaver later on tonight.
    Feeling a wee bit better now.

  4. Glad you're feeling a bit better and hope the phlegm clears up soon. Thanks for the Linky info, will give it a try. Have to giggle when you mention Beavers!! Ermmm...don't let anyone know but I love playing with plasticine!

  5. I like clay, but I'm pretty sure I don't like poo.


  6. Thanks for sparing us the phlegm pictures... *wink*

  7. Hi Claire, had to drop in to see if you changed your photo on your blog too. Love it.

  8. Hmmm, never thought much of Freud myself either. Pleased to hear you had a good weekend x x Wonder what Freud would think of my Ash Head?

  9. Get well soon! I'm down with an ugly thing at the moment - hoping it doesn't set up residence for longer than a day or two. I HATE being sick!

    Ohhhhh - you like a little Maiden! Excellent. I have a tag in my inbox this morning, and I'm wondering if this is it?

    Don't mind too much being tagged - I've had some interesting things come in recently.

    Feel better soon!

  10. Glad you're feeling better! baby's better too, at least we got out of hospital today... He was sooo happy to get home! (Me too...)Thanks for your kind comments!
    Have heard from Sponsored Review - off to investigate...

  11. phlegm shots! now why the hell didn't i think of that when i was so sick for three danged weeks? yeesh, i had some good ones too. drat...

    smiles, bee

  12. Nice to actually be able to see your smiling face! About time you quit being so darned shy!

    And that IS quite the eclectic list of music you have there! If I had to my top songs it would probably be one MCR tune after another - Amanda has me quite addicted!

  13. I like clay too - not so sure about poo? (haha)

    'Smack my bitch up'? Sounds like a good one! Will have to download that.

    Nelly Furtado's from our neck of the woods - Victoria, BC actually! They named a day all for her!

  14. And this bunny still FREAKS ME OUT DUDE!


  15. Hey Comedy i hope you feel a bit more enlightened on the subject of beavers now? Thanks for lovely comment about my photo! your a gorgeous green troll thing.

    Hey ruth have you conquered linky now? no laughing at me beavers! hmmm a little bit of freudian insight eh?

    Hey mags!lol! only pretty sure?

    Hey Susan, i have plenty left, so i may change my mind! Sorry i didnt reply to tune enquiry i don't have a clue!

    Hey shaz, me thinks freud would say that you are stuck in your phallic stage!

    Hey Travis, i thought you called me a little maiden when i first read this (phlegm blindness!) i love Iron Maiden! feel free to tag yourself!

    Hey stine i am so happy about the baby!!!!! any news regarding sponsored review?

    Hey E'bee, phlegm art?

    Cheers Linda! i love MCR, but i was stuck so i just put my music player on random.

    Hey Kai, you have never heard smack my bitch up?

    Hey Mags, its EVIL!

  16. That picture cracked me up. Too funny!