27 Mar 2007


Hey Perverts nooo!!!!!
Just a warning that this post is not for perverts (certain hot wind), this is an informative post on Beaver Scouts.
This is what they look like

Note: these are not my beavers.
This is what a Beaver wears.

This is a shot of my beaver mascot

This year its officially a Hundred Years of scouting, so there are loads of things planned to do. Any crafty suggestions or games you played as a child are welcome!


  1. Since my son just finished up as a leader for cub scouts, I'll ask him for some helpful hints.

  2. Here is a good site that leads to scads of others

    Scout Crafts

  3. I feel you're besmirching my name again Claire (Not fair, I can't lengthen your name to make it sound like you're in trouble).

    Here's a shot of my beaver.....mascot. Really.

    Did you see rambling Rose is talking to herself in the comments of Bestest blog slagging off Skittles? She's having a 2-way anonymous conversation with herself. I would cut & paste it for you, but don't want to be executed for copyright breach ;-)

  4. Used to play doctors and nurses when I was a kid!

  5. Let us know how many beaver searches you get on this one hey?



  6. I think it's cool that the boys and girls are in the same troup...

  7. Hey Jamie thanks for the Info!

    Hey Chris, besmirch you never ;)
    That is a shot of my beaver....mascot! how very dare you!
    Rose/frank cracks me up!lol!

    Hey Ruth, that doesn't surprise me at all!

    Hey Kai, i have no idea what your talking about?

    Hey Mags, it is cool. They are funny, although some of them are evil! (not really but they definitely have issues)

  8. I was not a scout myself, although my father was -- Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow, troop leader -- but I always had this authority problem....

    My pennance, as in so many other areas, was to become a Webelo leader (that's 4th and 5th grade Cub Scouts) for two of my three sons. Fortunately, Long Suffering Spouse had been a den mother right along...

    Anyway -- first night as a Webelo leader -- the fourth graders assembled in the basement -- finally got them out of the toy closet and more or less in order -- and I had them look at their books.

    The book said our patrol's first order of business was to pick a name -- a mascot -- and there were plenty of examples.

    Now this may be too American for you, Claire, because you probably don't get the same advertisements during your sporting events... but Budweiser has always spent an enormous amount of money on sports advertising. This interrupts the narrative flow, but it's necessary background.

    So I asked the kids what mascot they would like -- and the response was instantaneous: FROGS!

    Well, that went quickly and easily, I thought to myself, and prepared to move on....

    Too easily, I realized....

    Now, you may also know that lawyers are trained not to ask questions (on trial) when they don't know what the answer would be....

    But I wasn't on trial... and I thought I'd better ask: "Why did you guys decide on frogs?"

    And the answer?

    "Bud," said one.

    "Weis," chirped another.

    "Er," said a third.

    It was a very good imitation of a beer commercial. Specifically, a commercial featuring the Budweiser frogs, which were then prominent in their advertising (this is around 10 years ago now).

    So I almost got drummed out of scouting on my very first night... I may not be the right one to provide advice.

    (But jamie is right -- there's a ton of stuff on line.)

    thats my favourite advert ever, Second is the frog one!
    I have never heard of webelo, also don't know how old 4th and 5th grade is?
    Got any pictures of you in uniform?
    The reason i asked for games that you played as a child, is that they are the ones that the kids like the best.

  10. I wore the shirt because you really had to -- but I thought any male type person who went all out -- the hat, the kercheif, the shorts and knee socks -- should probably be reported immediately to the police. Or is that too harsh?

    And there are NEVER any pictures, Claire. And 4th & 5th graders run from about 9 to 11.

  11. Not harsh at all, i hate the uniform! keep getting told off for not wearing mine.

    No pictures ever ever? thanks for explaining the grade thing.

  12. Hey S'duck,
    Atari? explain please?

  13. I was a cub scout and my sister was a brownie, but neither of us went any farther than that.

    It's good to see girls and boys scouting together in the same group.

    Good luck on your crafts!

  14. Claire, I still think they are teaching those little guys about another kind of beaver. It's just what I think.

    Hey, we have girl scouts and boy scouts. We didn't know honest! Congratulations on a Hundred Years of BEAVERS! Toodle Pip my dear friend!!!

  15. So? Meet any interesting fellows that came here searching for British beavers???