23 Mar 2007

Happy 100's

Welcome to the latest edition of my 'Happy 100s'.
Sorry if the last ' Happy 100s' slide show didn't work for everybody, i think its works in firefox but not in Internet Explorer. I went on IE clicked on slide show link and then was directed to another page, then clicked back button and presto it work in IE. Let me know if that solves it for you.
I have also discovered how to do the scroll bar thingy box for TT, so let me know if you want the code.
Wow how technical did i sound then, eh?
So i have recently explained the rules of my blog, but i thought i would tell you all again.

Claire's Rules Of Blog!
  1. There will be a virtual prize for every 100th visitor that has commented! As in its not real! But you get a lovely shout out and be in my wonderful 'HAPPY 100'S'. Update: I have decided that the prize may not always be lovely.
  2. There will be a Booby virtual prize for a '100th' visitor that lurks and leaves no comment! But if you do this on purpose like Kai! it will be stored for future reference.
  3. There will be random booby prizes for my worst Lurkers. You can lurk all you like but sometime i may just get ya!
  4. Also its not compulsory but highly recommended that you visit the blogs that become one of my 'Happy 100's'. (if you don't who knows what i might do??) I like spreading the love around my might make new friends!
  5. Have a look around my blog, its not all daft!

So now that the rules are clear who was visitor 6400th?
It is Ryan, who has won in a few times already! So as he was of my sidebar lot, i don't need to be nice! Although he has got amazing photos on his blog and guess what? he actually took them! So i have prepared a lovely show for Ryan

Cool Slideshows


  1. I'm glad to see it's not just me on the receiving end of your humour! (hehe)

    Although I think you're forgetting Ryan has some pretty sharp photoshop skills!

    hint, hint Ryan!... oh and LOVE the undies! :-)

  2. Lol, i didn't really think this through did i?
    Although Ryan himself said he was the second from left on that shot. Check out comedy plus's post it is wicked funny!
    Don't you be hinting Kai!


    "Update: I've decided it might not be lovely"

    Bwaa haa haaaaa!!!

    You're one funny girl

  4. Me Funny? i don't get it?
    Cheers Mags!

  5. I remember what I got, it was not as nice as this slide show... and I was 1000 and 1100

  6. Hey Linda, is that a good oh my?

    Hey Sarge, sorry i hadn't discovered this stuff yet, so you better hurry up and win again.

    Don't forget to run over and say congrats to Ryan.

  7. oh my gosh i am GOING TO KILL YOU...

    Gloves are off.....

  8. Please don't be mad!!!! put the gloves back on :)

  9. ha ha ha ha....

    your day will come.. when you least expect it...


  10. We can make RULES???? Well, sheesh :)

  11. Love it Claire...I figured you were up to something wonderful during the weekend. Now if people can't figure this out they need to stay off the Internet. Toodle Pip!

  12. Of course you can make whatever rules you like! well i am anyway!

    Hehe glad you like it comedy! not sure Ryan was that impressed and i am a little bit scared about what revenge he is plotting!

    Cheers Sue!

  13. Oh my word... that red thong with the bong is just so wrong. Thongs are for a chick, not for ryan's...