3 Mar 2007

Happy 4600th Visitor!

Well only one, yes that's one, person took up the opportunity to become special visitor number 4500th (the real visitor was an unknown random).
So Linda gets to be it, for commenting and being a great friend.Linda

So who hit the spot and was number 4600th? well this person has been disappointed in the past. but not anymore!!!!!!!! Check the stats she really was.

So Linda is now a two time member of the 'Happy 100's' an honour indeed!
Kai i hope you are happy to be in my special gang?


  1. This is truly an honour. (sniffle) I just can't believe that the day has finally come where I am standing here at the podium before you, in receipt of such a coveted award.

    I'd like to thank my hairstylist, my agent, and my family for sticking by me whilst I traveled down this long road to finally achieving my dream of stardom.

    I can only hope that I'll one day be standing here before you again.

    (Whoo HOO! Thanks Claire :-)

  2. Your welcome Kai, you worked hard for it and i won a card because of you (hehehe me won!), you have definitely done the best acceptance speech so far!

    Cheers tomcat (my loyal fan!)

  3. Oh, we have to do acceptance speeches? No one told me that!

    Ahem ...

    It is with great honor that I stand before you today to humbly receive the recognition of being your 4,500th visitor and a two-time member of the Happy 100's Club. This recognition just goes to show that constant repitition, not having a life outside of reading blogs, and the ability to beg & plead on one's electronic knees can pay off!

    However, I am not content to just sit back on my laurels and watch another win the coveted 5,000th visitor honor so I promise that more hard work and dedication shall go into achieving that loftiest of goals. That and I doubt I'll be getting a life between now and less than 400 more visitors!

    Thank you, Claire, for this most auspicious of awards. Perhaps I shall post it prominently on my own sidebar!

  4. Bloody hell Linda that was an acceptance speech and a half.
    The battle is on for number 5000!

    Hey Skittles.