4 Mar 2007

Happy Birthday Mick!!!!!!

Who is Mick? Well click on the image below to see more. But first let me tell you why i am wishing him a very Happy Birthday!
I have met his wife the lovely Ruth, through the world of blog. Its weird when you think about it, i have never met Ruth for all she knows i am a 75 year old man in a dress (i am not!). Even though we have never met i feel privileged to know her and call her my friend.
Her and Mick have shown me what true love means and when you say those wedding vows this is what is meant to happen.

As a little funny thing i have done their astro compatibility (using a website not me personally mapping out their stars!)

Compatibility of
PISCES (Birthdate: 03 04 1943) and ARIES (Birthdate: 04 17 1952)
Aries will draw Pisces out of their shell, and in turn will be hypnotized by Pisces's seductive and mysterious sexuality. The boldness and confidence of Aries plus Pisces's intuitions and fantasies add up to an eventful union. Personality differences complement each other. Aries is self-assured and vivacious; Pisces is somewhat shy and easily led. Aries likes to be dominant, Pisces likes having someone to lean on. For a happy coupling this requires only a little more tact on Aries's part.

Is any of that true Ruth?

So for Mick, here's the nearest i could find to Ruth singing Happy Birthday!
I hope you have a wonderful day and i will be thinking of you both!


  1. Claire this is so sweet of you. You are such a lovely person. Even if you were a 75 year old man in a dress you'd still be a special fact I'd even lend you my favourite shoes to go with your outfit! I love the astro compatibility....mysterious & seductive sexuality....Mick will like that....all true of course. I'm not quite as bold and confident as a true Aries should be but I think that's probably because of my upbringing. Very shy in fact...except when I used to do acting and wasn't being me. Though I like the idea of being dominant....LOL....and of course the vivacious bit is TOTALLY true. Thanks for the video too. Mick roused when I listened to it so told him it was a Birthday wish for him.
    Loadsa [[[hugs]]]
    Mick & Ruth

  2. Oh my ! when I listened to this old video with Marylin I really think that things have changed ! Instead of finding her voice sexy and provocative she made me think of a woman who suffers asthma and just had an attack, lol !

  3. Happy Birthday Mick, thanks Claire for bringing them to us. My last post was fun and you have to get credit for it. Have a great day.

  4. Happy Birthday, Mick!

    {{scratches head and hopes Clair isn't really a 75 year old man}}

  5. blackberry was mysteriously found on the dresser this morning...damn that dragon!

    I've come back to wish Mick a Happy Birthday. I hope school is going well!!

  6. Thanks from Mick to you all for your good wishes

  7. Lol, Ruth i really enjoyed doing this post it could of gone for miles, but i contained myself! maybe not on your birthday though. Glad you and the birthday boy liked it.

    Lol, Gattina you always make me laugh. I will never listen to Marilyn in the same way.

    Hey sgt dub, thanks for the birthday wishes for Mick. They are an amazing couple , you would love Ruth's blog. I really really enjoyed your post, it made my day!

    Hey tomcat, thanks for that. You will never really know!lol!

    Hey Counselor, its great to have you back (glad the dragon released you from the tower!), Thanks for birthday wishes for Mick.
    School is going good, getting harder so be prepared to have your brain pecked!

    Hey Ruth!!!