6 Mar 2007

Happy 4800th Visitor!

Happy 4800th visitor! Wow i am having to do these a lot lately! woo hoo!
So who hit the magic number?
Well yet again no clear winner, but this wee fella left a comment around the right time!
Click on his face and go say hello! (don't click to hard it might hurt!)
So congrats Sgt Dub!

What is coming up? exciting stuff!
  • A new garden challenge! I will really be needing help on this one.
  • The Bridesmaid Challenge
  • Hiking Pictures number 5 and 6
  • The fight to reach numero 5000! who will it be?
  • More Counselling homework, if i have to do it, so do you.


  1. Wow - you certainly do find some rather, er, flattering pictures for folks who earn the honor of being in the Happy 100's!

    Congrats to Sgt Dub and welcome to the Club!

  2. Well done Sgt Dubs.
    Claire I've never been a bridesmaid in my won't be any help there. Re; gardening help....just give me a spade and I'm all yours.

  3. Yeah, like Linda mentioned, I hope I shall not be the one to claim any of these such highly sought after positions... lol Wonder what picture of ME you would manage to dig up..

  4. What you talking about saddam, oops i mean Linda!

    Hey Ruth, its an interesting challenge and you will be able to help! also gardening thing should be fun.

    Ryan, you dont have any horrible photos! i may have to google your name and search out a minging chav like one!

  5. You have a lot (well, two) of people with black eyes on your blog. Maybe you should start up a dedicated site!

  6. Hey Erika it looks horrible doesn't it! you have to go and read the story behind it (very very funny!)

    Hey Pinksy (three year old trumpet player/genius child), Dont mess with me or you will get the same!lol!
    Yeah the Black Eyed Bloggers!

  7. I'm a Winner!! Ouch! I'm a Winner!
    Thanks Claire, I saw that I was 4801 and just crossed my fingers that you'd pick me, yeah! ouch, You will have to get photoshop and give everyone a black eye. hehe

  8. Your more than welcome sgt dub, was it worth being clotheslined?

    Hey Skittles, it looks awful doesn't it.